Movie «Detective Conan» Police School Group Cast All-Member Assembly Interview Realized Furuya Rei’s New Scene Photo Release

A new scene photo of the «Police Academy Group» that holds the key to «Detective Conan Halloween Bride» that is open to the public was shown. In addition, police academy cast Toru Furuya (Rei Furuya / Toru Amuro), Nobutoshi Canna (Jinpei Matsuda), Shinichiro Miki (Kenji Hagiwara), Hikaru Midorikawa (Hiromitsu Morofushi), Tochi The interview with Hiroki (Director Date) was announced.

This 25th movie version is set in Shibuya, which is crowded with Halloween, and depicts an unprecedented big incident that occurs in the midst of a series of bombers, collisions with mysterious costume characters, and various fate. The police academy group that holds the key to the story is Furuya, Matsuda, Hagiwara, Morofushi, and Date, who are the same as the Metropolitan Police Department police academy Onizuka Kyojo. Since the four people other than Furuya have already died, the cast members had various thoughts about how they would appear in the movie.

Furuya: Of course, the fact that the police academy group will come out will also feature Furuya, so I was happy to be able to do the main character of the movie version again, but I have already been killed. I had no idea how the four would get involved in the story. Will they actually come out of the police academy? Will they come out as ghosts? Or will they come out in some other way? I was curious and I was looking forward to it anyway. After receiving the script, I finally fell in love with «Is this the case?». This work is also full of the real thrill of the movie version, and «This is OK!» I felt a response. «

Kana: At first, I was wondering how they got involved in the movie version. Of course, I’m very grateful that you could feature it, but in my case, Matsuda ended up with 304 episodes of the TV series 18 years ago. I was wondering what would happen, but even though it was a story of the past, being able to play Matsuda again made me feel happy that I had a second life. «

Miki: When I heard that I could appear in the movie version, I was very happy to think that I could meet Hagiwara again. I was really worried. I remember being happy and expecting, and also having anxiety about «Is it really coming out?»

Tochi also felt the impression of the script, «I felt it when I appeared in another role in» The 11th Striker «before, but the movie version of» Detective Conan «is for adults even if children watch it. It is an impression that it is carefully made so that you can see it. This work also has a detailed story that is well reminiscent of the police academy group, so I think it is an interesting work. I confess.

In the film, there is a scene where the bond between the five people can be glimpsed, and Midorikawa says, «I think people are creatures whose memories fade every day. Maybe it’s gone. Moreover, Furuya doesn’t have the opportunity to talk about them somewhere. But in this work, he talks about the members who have been killed while remembering various things. There is a scene where they can do it, but I could feel that they were thinking about them properly. That was really emo. They are living properly in Furuya. I was particularly happy to realize that he hadn’t forgotten it. «

The full interview is available on the official movie website. The second part of the interview that talks about the secret story of dubbing will be released at a later date.