«Movie Backflip !!» will be released on July 2nd, and this announcement will be announced. The theme song / insert song artist will continue to be released from the TV anime version.

The release date of the theatrical animation «Movie Backflip !!» based on men’s rhythmic gymnastics has been decided on July 2, and this notice has been announced. At the same time, the theme song and the insert song were also clarified.

«Backflip !!» is a TV anime broadcast in 2021 as part of «Zutto Ouen. Project 2011 + 10 …», in which Fuji TV and others promote anime tourism with the aim of supporting reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Set in Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, it depicts the youth of six members, including Shotaro Futaba (CV: Shimba Tsuchiya) of the Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, a private Soshukan High School (commonly known as Ao High School). In the sequel «Movie Backflip !!», the members of the Ao High School Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, who overcame difficulties together and eventually became a team, challenge the final battle, Inter-High.

The theme song is wacci’s «Our Step», and the insert song is centimillimental «What I want to convey from the light». Both artists will be a continuation of the TV anime version.

In this notice, the insert song «What I want to convey from the light» is shown, and the members’ thoughts pass each other after graduating from the third grade, and the six people are united and heading for rhythmic gymnastics. ..

It has also been decided that a completion announcement event will be held at Shinjuku Wald 9 in Tokyo on June 11. Major cast members Shimba Tsuchiya, Kaito Ishikawa, Takashi Kondo, Hiro Shimono, Hiroshi Kamiya, and Ayane Sakura will be on stage, and live viewing is also planned.