«Mononoke» 15th Anniversary Project Starts A commemorative event will be held in June, starring Takahiro Sakurai and others.

In 2007, the 15th anniversary project of «Mononoke», which was broadcast on «Noitamina» and others, started. As part of this, it has been decided that the event «Anime» Mononoke «15th Anniversary Festival» will be held on June 18th at the Fuji Television Headquarters.

Director Kenji Nakamura, Takahiro Sakurai, a drug seller, and Koji Yamamoto producer will be on stage on the day. In addition to holding a talk celebrating the 15th anniversary, the latest information will be announced. A lottery for general viewing will be accepted on the special site (http://mononoke-15th.com/event) from May 13th to 20th, and live distribution will be performed on YouTube LIVE.

In addition, a fan voting project (https://mononoke.smartbuzz.jp/Scene/32/https://mononoke.smartbuzz.jp/Scene/32/) that selects famous scenes from all 12 episodes of the TV series has also started. From among the voting participants, 30 people will be selected by lottery and will be presented with a «15th Anniversary Limited Famous Scene Day-Turning Desktop Calendar» using scene photos of famous scenes. The voting deadline is August 14th. The 15th anniversary site is also open, and the official Twitter is running a retweet campaign.

In this work, a drug-seller who carries a «demon sword» that can slash the «Mononoke» that has been attached to human emotions and grudges, confronts various mysteries while traveling around the world. A Japanese horror work. On June 10th, the spin-off novel «Mononoke» (published by KADOKAWA) will be released.

Below are the 15th anniversary comments from Director Sakurai and Director Nakamura.

[Takahiro Sakurai (medicine seller)]

・ What remains in the memories and impressions of the anime «Mononoke» I still remember the scene of the first recording, and the appearance of Director Nakamura who sat down on the floor of the studio and started the lecture is impressive. I was a little confused by the orders that didn’t fit into the theory of animation recording that I had experienced so far, such as putting words for each cut, less interested, and soliloquy. And I was finally able to get it right after watching the air. That instruction was for designing this world. A flood of bizarre and mysterious images that are both horrific and beautiful. Let’s call it the madness of vivid colors. It was an intense video experience. What is the content of the 15th anniversary project? Stay tuned for more updates.

[Kenji Nakamura (Director)]

・ What remains in the memories and impressions of the anime «Mononoke» This is the first director’s work, but I thought it would be okay to end my director’s career with this one, so I faced the work. I was taught to distinguish the background and the cell (character) properly, but it is ant that it is indistinguishable and it is organized like one illustration, or the person finished talking the lines I remember that I was skeptical of various common senses, such as the fact that everyone started talking at their favorite timing in reality, such as having the next person speak.