«Mob Psycho 100» 3rd period, broadcast started in October Tiza PV release depicting the incident by psycho helmet teaching

The broadcast start time (scheduled) for the third season of the TV anime «Mob Psycho 100» was decided in October, and the teaser PV was released.

The anime «Mob Psycho 100» series is based on the manga by Mr. ONE. Mob, a supernatural boy, encounters a psychic who claims to be a psychic of the century and a former senior evil spirit, Ekbo, while looking at his normal life, and is involved in various incidents. The first period of TV animation was broadcast in 2016, and the second period was broadcast in 2019. In the 3rd term «Mob Psycho 100 lll», Yuzuru Tachikawa, who was the director in the 1st and 2nd term, will be the general director, and Takahiro Hasui, who participated in each story production, will be the director.

In the teaser PV, the change in the city due to the psycho-helmet teaching that there are more than 500,000 followers is big, with the lines of Mob’s «If the course is not decided all the time» and «I may be starting to be popular». It is drawn with a powerful supernatural power action.