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In October 2021, the official Twitter of “Mob Psycho 100″ (@mobpsycho_anime) announced the production of a third season of the series. It had been more than two years since the last anime, so fans of the popular psychic were more anxious than ever.

However, almost half a year had to pass to have new and great news. It had been anticipated that May 12 (Mob’s birthday) was the indicated date, and boy was it not disappointed: with more than 200,000 interactions so far, the official trailer for “Mob Pyscho 100 3″ is now available to everyone.

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Which chapters of the manga will adapt “Mob Psycho 100 3″?

The original «Mob Psycho 100» manga has a total of 101 chapters spread over 16 volumes. The second season ended in 91 with the World Domination arc, so there are a total of 10 chapters left, three arcs (Divine Tree, Telepathy Mini-Arc, ???%) and the epilogue to be adapted.

Chapter 92 of the «Mob Psycho 100» manga, where season 3 of the anime would begin. Photo: Shogakukan

When will “Mob Psycho 100 3″ premiere?

According to the trailer information, “Mob Pyscho 100 3″ will be part of the 2022 fall season, so its premiere is scheduled for October this year. However, the exact date and time of broadcast have yet to be confirmed.

The announcement that anticipated the release of the trailer for «Mob Psycho 100 3». Photo: @mobpsycho_anime

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About “Mob Psycho 100 3″

“Mob Psycho 100” is about the daily life of Shigeo ‘Mob’ Kageyama, a student who possesses incredible psychic powers. Due to the destructive nature of these and the negative prejudices he received, he decided to suppress them.

However, after meeting his ‘mentor’ Arataka Reigen, he dedicated himself to fulfilling supernatural orders from various clients using his powers.

The third season of “Mob Psycho 100” should start by adapting the Divine Tree arc.