«Love Live! Superstar !!» Liella! Announced 4 new members Appeared on live broadcast program in June

Four new members who will join the school idol group «Liella!» Of «Love Live! Superstar !!» as second-year students have been revealed. The role names and cast are as follows.

Kinako Sakurakoji: Nozomi Suzuhara: Mei Yonejo: Akane Yabushima: Shiki Wakana: Kazuo Okuma: Natsumi Onizuka: Aya Emori Mori / Aya)

Profiles of each character are posted on the official website, and the magazine «Love Live! Days Liella! SPECIAL Vol.02 2022 May» released on May 12 contains self-introductions and enthusiasm of the 2nd gen members.

The four second-generation students will appear on live broadcast programs on the official YouTube channel of the «Love Live!» Series from 8:00 pm on June 8. «Liella!» 9 people will talk.

The story is about five girls attending private Yuigaoka Girls’ High School flapping their wings as a school idol «Liella!». Five people from «Liella!» Appeared as the main cast in the first period of the TV anime broadcast from July to October 2021. The second period of TV animation will start on E-Tele from July.