Kisumai’s Toshiya Miyata Appears on «Where Are You Going With Pokémon?» for 4 Weeks in a Row!

Toshiya Miyata of «Kis-My-Ft2» will appear on TV Tokyo’s Pokémon variety program «Where are you going with Pokémon!?» for four weeks from December 4th.

Guest Miyata said that when he was in elementary school, he asked his parents for «Pokemon» game software and promised «If you score a goal in a soccer match, I’ll buy it for you.» Miyata, who says that he became obsessed with «Pokemon» from there, explodes his love for Pokemon on the program. In the program trailer, he is seen challenging the game for the latest Pokemon card.

The program is a variety program with the setting of «Let’s go to various worlds with Pokemon by riding a Pikachu-shaped ‘Dokokko Car’.» Poké leader Ryogo Matsumaru, Poké rookie Hikaru Takahashi (high is a ladder), driver Abareru-kun and navigator Cocker (CV: Shoko Nakagawa) will make regular appearances.