«Kingdom» Ai Kuni Rebellion «Key Person» Appears OP & ED Theme Announced

A new character visual, opening & ending theme for the new chapter «Aikoku Rebellion» drawn in the second cool of the 4th series of the TV anime «Kingdom» has been announced. In addition, it has been decided to hold the «Summer Kingdom Festival», which is full of special projects every week.

The character visuals that were unveiled are Lao Ai (CV: Konomi Tsuboi) and Lao Ai (CV: Sakazume), who will be the key persons in the new chapter «Ai Kuni Rebellion» that will be broadcast from July. Takayuki). The empress dowager is the mother of the 31st Qin Shi Huang, who reigns at the top of her back palace, and she has the power to match Eimasa and Lu Buwei. On the other hand, Lao Ai is ostensibly serving the empress dowager, but her true identity is a fake eunuch official sneaked by Lu Buwei.

In the «Ai Koku Rebellion Edition», in the year when the adult ritual «Kakannogi», which declares that Eimasa is the «31st Qin King» at home and abroad, is celebrated, Eimasa and Lu Buwei are long. The time has come to settle the power struggle.

Furthermore, the opening theme of the second course has been decided to be the song «geki» of the home-based music unit «zonji», which makes almost all processes such as music production, recording, design, and video production in-house. The ending theme is the song «Believe» by Misaki, a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Nagasaki who doesn’t show up at all.

Also, from July, the «Summer Kingdom Festival» will be held, which will be a special event every week. We will re-distribute the past series of TV animations and collaborate with three game app companies.

[Summer Kingdom Festival]■ 1st: After July 6th ・ GYAO !, ABEMA will deliver the past series & the first half of the 4th series all at once ・ Anime Times will deliver the 4th series # 1 to # 3 for free on YouTube (Limited time offer) ・ 4th series rental start / GEO rental gift campaign at each rental store * Distribution schedule of each service will be announced on the special site

■ 2nd: July 11th ~ ・ Follow & RT campaign to win novelty (not for sale) ・ 4th series «Chengjiao’s strange» «Chengjiao capture battle» Looking back on the hot scene

■ Third: July 21st ~ ・ The first collaboration project between three «Kingdom» apps.Kingdom App «Kingdom Seven Flags» «Kingdom Ran -The Road to Unification of the World-» «Kingdom DASH !!»

■ 4th: July 25th-Coming soon

The 4th series of «Kingdom» is being broadcast on NHK General TV. Details of the «Summer Kingdom Festival» are announced on the special website (https://kingdom-anime.com/summer-fes/).