«KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm» Free distribution on YouTube «Online cheering screening» will also be held with premier distribution

Free distribution of the theater animation «KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm» screened in 2016 on the official YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/animetimes-ch) of the video distribution service «Anime Times» did.

«KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm» is the first work of the spin-off «KING OF PRISM» series of «Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live» broadcasted in 2013. Shin Ichijo (CV: Junta Terashima) and other unique boys struggle to become the pinnacle of the «Prism Show,» which incorporates songs and dance into figure skating. Free delivery will be available for a limited time from July 1st to 5th. From 9:00 pm on the 1st to 3rd, we will hold an «online cheering screening» where you can comment in real time while watching the video with other viewers using YouTube’s premiere public function.

In addition, on the same channel, the main part of the TV animation «The Law of Ueki» (episodes 1-5), the main part of «Kingdom (4th series)» (episodes 1-3), and «Yokai Watch ♪ Famous Scenes» are also released for free. Will be done.

The free distribution of the main part of «The Law of Ueki» (episodes 1 to 5) will be held in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the original manga and the exclusive advance distribution in «Anime Times». Released for a limited time from June 23rd to July 14th.

The main part of «Kingdom (4th series)» (episodes 1 to 3) will be distributed free of charge for a limited time from July 10th to 17th as part of the large-scale project «Summer Kingdom Festival» developed in various media. Will be done.

«Yokai Watch ♪ Famous Scene Collection» will be released from July 1st as a collaboration project to commemorate the advance delivery of the main part of «Yokai Watch ♪» at Anime Times. It is a special video composed of moving episodes of the popular character Jibanyan, and also includes a 4-frame animation of Koma-san and Komajiro.

«Anime Times» is a service (channel) for Amazon Prime members. The monthly fee is 437 yen.