Kana Hanazawa, Kazuyuki Okitsu and others will appear on «Kinso no Vermeil» PV, KV, theme song details, etc. will be announced at once for the July broadcast

Yusuke Okano, Kaori Ishihara, Kana Hanazawa, Kazuyuki Okitsu and others will appear in the TV anime «Kinso no Vermeil-The Cliff Puchi Magician Pushes Through the Strongest Disaster and the Magical World». Key visuals, this promotion video, theme song details, broadcast schedule, etc. are also released.

This work is an animation of a fantasy manga by Kota Amana (original) and Yoko Umezu (drawing) serialized in «Monthly Shonen Gangan» (published by Square Enix). Signed a contract as his familiar with Alto Goldfilled (CV: Yuya Hirose), who attended the Royal Ortigia Magic Academy with the aim of becoming a «master of magic (Platinum Square)» but was in danger of repeating the year. Draws the bond and growth of the strongest demon, Vermei (Maaya Uchida).

Okano is Alto’s classmate, and he is in charge of the role of Marx Pearlston, who is a sergeant of the four great dukes, but his grades are not good, and Ishihara is the role of Charolles Iridescence, who is a follower of Marx but has excellent grades. Hanazawa will play Elena Kimberlite, the strongest student council president at the Academy of Magic, and Okitsu will play Shinouji Ryuga, the vice president of the intelligent student organization. In addition, Sakura Nakamura will play the role of Francois, the beetle who is the familiar of Marx, Riho Sugiyama will play the role of Jessica Schwartz, the student organization member and chairman of the fighting committee, and Yurina Amami will play the role of Chris Westland, the student organization member and leader of the Dragon Cavalry. Takehito Koyasu plays the role of Obsidian, a magical history teacher who cares about Alto.

In the key visual, Alto and Vermei with the school building of the Magic Academy in the back, Lilia Kudelfate (Wakana Kuramochi), a childhood friend who has a secret feeling for Alto, and Elena and other new characters are drawn. ing.

This PV with character voice is pressed by the summoned naked Vermei, and Alto starts from the first act of the story in a hurry. It includes scenes where two people exchange kisses necessary to supply magical power, and scenes where Vermei emits powerful magical power, and Lilia (Wakana Kuramochi) also appears.

The opening theme song will be Ishihara’s new song «Abracada-Boo», which will play the role of Charolles. You can hear a part of the song in the latter half of this PV. The CD will be released on August 3 in two forms, a regular edition (1500 yen) and a first limited edition with Blu-ray (2200 yen). The ending theme song «Mortal With You» is sung by the indie band «Mili» by Canadian vocalists and Japanese composers.

Broadcast starts on July 5th. It will be aired on AT-X from 10:30 pm, TOKYO MX from 11:00 pm, and BS11 from midnight. It will be broadcast on Sun TV from midnight on the following day.

Prior to the start of the broadcast, it was decided to distribute the web program «Ortigia Magic Academy Secret After-School Study Group» starring Hirose, Uchida, and Kuramochi. The first episode will be distributed in late May on «Hakuhodo DY Music & Pictures Anime Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh6NoaGP-vIGVAPqXrWl3hw)».