Junya Enoki & Akari Kito are also announced as main cast members

The main cast and staff of «Kami-naki Sekai no Kami-sama Activity», a TV animation adaptation of the manga by Aoi Akashiro (original) and Meniscus Damage (illustration), have been announced, and Junya Enoki and Akari Kito have been revealed. rice field.

This work is a «pork god fantasy» in which Yukito Urabe, the son of the founder of a dubious cult, reincarnates in a different world and gathers believers in order to regain the power of Mitama, who calls himself a god. The amount of power Mitama can exert changes according to the number of believers, but the number of believers is all but zero. In order to protect the village «Kakuri» where he lives from enemies and to develop the village, he draws a figure who struggles to gather believers.

Enoki plays Seito, who was reincarnated in another world after losing his life while training in a dubious cult. On the other hand, Kito is in charge of Mitama, the god who appeared from the magatama that Seito brought when he was reincarnated in another world.

The main staff is directed by Yuki Inaba, series composition by Aoi Akahaku, character design by Kaori Yoshikawa, and animation production by Studio Palette. Yoshifumi Sueda will participate as a supervisor.

«Godless World Kamisama Activities» will be made into a TV animation in 2023. Enoki and Kito’s comments are as follows.

[Junya Enoki (Matsuto Urabe)]

・Impressions when the role was decided I was really looking forward to playing Masato, because he is a character who suddenly rises from a low tension and has both a serious side and a comedy side.

・Points to watch out for the character you play Pay attention to what kind of activities Masato will do in the new world! Thank you very much!

[Akari Kito (role of Mitama)]

・Impressions when the role was decided Mitama is a type of role that I haven’t played much so far, and even though I read the original, I thought that I could do a crazy play. I had a lot of fun acting with her from the time she auditioned, so I was really happy when I heard that she had passed! I can’t help but look forward to being able to help you express the animation of a work with an angle that has never been seen before!

・Points to note about the character I play Mitama is a god and has a very free personality, so I am also free to act freely. I think that Mitama has many aspects, such as the fact that he loves Seito, that he is free and at his own pace, and that he is mysterious. I would be happy!