«Jujutsu Kaisen 0 the Movie» movie original scene cut released Nanami, Mei, Kyoto school members appeared: News –Anime Hack

From the released «Theatrical Version Magical Round 0», 16 main cuts of the original movie scene were shown.

The original scene of the movie is Kyoto Prefectural College of Arts and Sciences (Kyoto School) 2nd grade Aoi Todo, Noriaki Kamo, Momo Nishimiya, 1st grade Mayi Kaoruin, Kasumi Miwa, Ultimate Mekamaru in Kyoto. He is active in stopping the caused «Hyakki Yagyo», and the first-class magician, Kento Nanami, also fights against many spirits. The main cut released recently includes the members of the Kyoto school, Nanami, Mei Mei, Takuma Ino, and Atsushi Kusakabe.

In addition, talks by Mikako Komatsu (role of Maki Ryoin), Koki Uchiyama (role of Thorn Tsumaki), and Tomokazu Seki (role of Panda) who play the second grade characters of Tokyo Metropolitan College of Arts and Sciences are released. Regarding the original movie scene, Komatsu said, «When everyone was doing their best in Tokyo, the people at the Kyoto school were also fighting properly, so I thought that the original Fukahori was a better scene. I decided where to decide, and I was enviously brought in a good scene (laughs). Mei also wielded a big weapon. It was dashing and cool! «

In addition, Uchiyama and Seki focused on the action scene, which is one of the highlights of this work, «Of course, the level of the action scene is high, but it was also interesting that the style of fighting differs depending on the character. Maki-san It’s a naginata-shaped curse, a sword action if it’s a sword, and a flesh battle if it’s a panda. The atmosphere of the battle changes depending on that difference, so I never got tired of watching it. «(Uchiyama),» The momentum of the action scene from the beginning. I was wondering what would happen to the last if I continued at this pace as it was. It might be boring in the action scene of the same level, but the last does not know what is happening anymore It was so intense that I enjoyed it because it was sharp and sharp. «(Seki) praised it. The full version of the three-person talk is available on the official website.

Theatrical version magic round 0

Theatrical version magic round 0 Ten

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