«Isekai Yakkyoku» will start broadcasting in July OP theme song will be sung by Kaori Ishihara, ED theme song will be sung by Little Black Dress

The broadcast start time of «Isekai Yakkyoku», which is a TV animation of Liz Takayama’s fantasy novel (published by KADOKAWA), was decided in July, and the opening and ending theme song information was also announced. In addition, along with the renewal of the official website (https://isekai-yakkyoku.jp/), key visuals and character visuals of the main character Pharma de Medicis (CV: Aki Toyosaki) have also been released.

The film is a «human help fantasy» in which a contemporary Japanese pharmacy researcher reincarnates as Pharma, the son of the famous court pharmacist de Medicis, and opens a different world pharmacy to deliver truly effective medicines to people. «. Pharma, who was worried about the magic that can never be called a medical practice and the fact that it is rampant, is a «god» that can only be used by aristocrats and the ability of «material creation & material erasure» obtained in a different world in addition to modern pharmacy. Make full use of «art» to confront all illnesses.

The opening theme song will be «Dream Chronicle» by Kaori Ishihara, and will be released as Ishihara’s 9th single on August 3rd. The price is 2200 yen for the first limited edition with Blu-ray containing the music video and making of the title song, and 1500 yen for the regular edition (both include tax).

The ending theme song «Hakuu» is sung by singer-songwriter Little Black Dress. She wrote the lyrics herself, and she wrote it for this work.

In the key visual, Pharma, Eleonor Bonufois (Ellen / Reina Ueda), and Charlotte Sorrel (Lotte / Kaede Hondo), dressed in uniforms, are depicted welcoming guests inside a different world pharmacy. ing.