Girls love manga «My Yuri is my job!» Yui Ogura & Sumire Uesaka will appear on TV animation

It was decided to make a TV animation of the girls love manga «My Yuri is my job!» By Mr. Mihata. Yui Ogura and Sumire Uesaka have been announced, and a teaser promotion video and a teaser visual have also been released.

The original is serialized in «Comic Yuri Hime» (published by Ichijinsha) from January 2017. Hime Shiraki, a high school girl who lives while playing a beautiful girl who is loved by everyone in order to marry a millionaire and ride a ball, is injured by Mai, the manager of the cafe, one day. Will make you. In order to fill that hole, the clerk dressed as a student at a young lady’s school will work as a sister at the concept cafe «Ribe Jogakuen», where her colleague Mizuki Ayakoji (Ayano Koji) After calling Mitsuki) «sister», she and her become «Schwester» who support each other like sisters. The 10th volume of the original book will be released on May 18th.

Ogura is in charge of the role of Yome, who challenges the unfamiliar customer service work by calling himself «Shirasagi Hime», and Uesaka is in charge of the role of Mizuki, who is in close contact with Yobu for some reason. Both will be a continuation of the original Volume 7 PV released in 20 years.

The teaser PV is about Yobu and Mizuki introducing «Ribe Jogakuen». Mai, who is the store manager, Kanoko, who is a classmate of Yobu, and Sumika, who is a senior of Yobu and others, will also appear. In the last, Mizuki whispers «I hate you» in the ear of the sun bud.

Two versions of the teaser visual have been released: one that depicts the appearance of the smiling sun buds and Mizuki, the other that depicts the surprised sun buds that open their eyes, and the sketch that depicts Mizuki with a rugged expression.

The director is Taisho Iwasaki, who is in charge of character design for «Higurashi When They Cry / Graduate» (sub-character design). Animation production will be done by Passione of «Wasteful Days of High School Girls» and Studio Rings of «Tachibanakan To Lie Anguru».

Also, from June 12th to July 10th, a collaboration project with a maid cafe and Wonder Parlor Cafe in Ikebukuro, Tokyo will be held. In addition to offering original flavored tea with the image of a character, there will also be an exhibition related to the work in the store. A collaborative visual depicting Yobu and Mizuki wearing the same store’s costume is also open to the public.