Dragon Ball: What happened on May 12 and why do his fans remember him so much? | anime

Last Monday, May 9, «Goku Day» was celebrated around the world, in which thousands of fans paid tribute to the most iconic character created by mangaka Akira Toriyama. Now, a couple of days later, the popular anime «Dragon Ball» is trending again, why?

That’s because today, May 12, we remember one of the moments that changed the course of history in the series, since it was the date on which it was said that two great dangers would appear on earth.

In the words of Trunks «At this time, in three years, on May 12, at 10 in the morning, on a small island that is 9 kilometers from the southern capital, two powerful individuals will appear», referring to androids 18 and 19, creations of the evil Dr. Gero.

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In the story, when trying to stop this, Goku is defeated by Android 19, who would later defeat Vegeta, which causes Dr. Gero to decide to release the dangerous 18 and 19, to begin one of the most tragic arcs of his anime. at the time.

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Since when is Goku Day celebrated?

In 2015, during the manga’s 30th anniversary celebration, the Japan Anniversary Association accepted Toei Animation’s request to celebrate Goku Day every May 9. In addition, that same year, the movie «The Resurrection of Frieza» was released, one of the most successful in the franchise.