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Everyone loved the passage from «Dragon Ball» to «Dragon Ball Z», but very few would imagine that one of the fans’ favorite arcs is the one that presents a large number of inconsistencies and plot holes that not even its author knew how to control in your moment.

In an interview with Akira Toriyama and his then editor, the author revealed to everyone that one of the most complicated arcs to draw was Trunks’ time travel, since, in the words of the mangaka, there came a time when that I felt that each chapter that the story wrote was losing meaning and becoming incoherent little by little.

«Dragon Ball» .- Cell saga. Photo: Toei Animation/simply Dragon Ball

Thus, to this day, there are still certain details regarding the arc of time travel that have not been explained, such as the mystery of time machines or how time travel works in the world of «Dragon Ball”.

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Akira Toriyama is the original author of the «Dragon Ball» manga. In 1984, the creator began serializing his work. In 1986, after reaching a high level of popularity, the first animated adaptation was made, which had 153 episodes.

Later, in 1989, the sequel was released, entitled «Dragon Ball Z», with 291 animated chapters. However, in 1996, «Dragon Ball GT» was executed, an original anime produced by Toei Animation that gave a definitive closure to the story, despite the fact that the manga was still in publication.

After 18 years, Akira Toriyama returned to work on his most popular work by launching the anime «Dragon Ball Super», a story set after the defeat of Majin Boo, with 131 episodes.

Dragon Ball Super. Photo: Toei Animation

“Dragon Ball Super” – official synopsis

The story begins approximately six months after Majin Buu’s defeat, when Earth has become a peaceful place again, and continues with the events of the movies «Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods» and «Dragon Ball Z». Z: Fukkatsu no F”.