«Dance Dance Danseur» Junichi Suwabe Narration Review Video & New Visual Release

A new visual of the TV anime «Dance Dance Danseur» being broadcast and a retrospective video of episodes 1 to 5 have been released.

This work is based on the men’s classical ballet manga serialized by George Asakura in «Weekly Big Comic Spirits». The main character, Junpei Murao (CV: Daiki Yamashita), sees the longing for ballet in the fifth capital of the transfer student, and aims for «Danseur noble» while working hard with her cousin Mori Ryu. Munehisa Sakai of «Zombie Land Saga» will be the director, and MAPPA will be in charge of animation production.

Junichi Suwabe, who loves ballet and has a lot of trust from the MAPPA production team, such as the role of Ryomen Sukune in «Jujutsu Kaisen», is in charge of the narration of the retrospective video. The new visual also depicts the new characters Kaisaki Yasuda, Yamato Takura, Xia Ji Ikukawa, and Hisashi Himenokoji, who will appear in episode 6 and beyond.