«CLAMP» newly wrote the red spider played by «Holic xxxHOLiC» Hayato Isomura

Director Mika Ninagawa took a megaphone, and from «Holic xxxHOLiC» (released) starring Ryunosuke Kamiki and Kou Shibasaki, an illustration of a red spider written by the original author «CLAMP» was shown. The red spider is the original character of the movie, and is played by Hayato Isomura in the play.

The original is the best-selling comic of «CLAMP», which has a cumulative circulation of over 14 million copies. Kimihiro Watanuki (Kimihiro Watanuki / Kamiki), a lonely high school student who can see «Ayakashi» in the darkness of the human heart, one day gets lost in a mysterious «Mise» who grants his wish in exchange for consideration. Yuko Ichihara (Ichihara Yuko / Shibasaki) whispers to offer «the most important thing» in return for fulfilling his desire to erase the ability of «Ayakashi» to see. On April 1st, spending days with classmates Dodomeki Shizuka (Hokuto Matsumura) and Kunogi Sunflower (Tina Tamashiro) looking for «important things», manipulate «Ayakashi» to darken the world. The magical hands of the female spider (Riho Yoshioka) and the red spider (Isomura) who are about to fall are stretched.

On April 29th, the first day of the release, «CLAMP» delivered a live Twitter voice «Space». Director Nagikawa and Kamiki also participated after the stage greeting on the first day, which surprised the listeners. Director Nagikawa and Kamiki were deeply moved by the words of effort from the original author «CLAMP», saying «Thank you for the wonderful April 1st» and «I’m really glad that Mr. Nagikawa supervised it.» In addition, «CLAMP» offered to draw a red spider, and the illustration was drawn down.

The red spider is a minion who is fascinated by the female spider who controls Ayakashi played by Yoshioka, aiming for the special ability of April 1st as Kamiki. A mysterious whisper attacks on April 1st and sunflowers. Director Nagikawa said, «I was very scared to put out a new character, but I wanted someone to go on in the movie, so I packed my dreams.»

In the illustration, silver hair and long bangs, which can be said to be the trademark of Akagmo, and chains and leather gloves decorated from the neck are drawn in detail. Above all, his expression with his hand on his chin and a mysterious smile is a fascinating illustration.

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