«City Hunter» new movie version to be released in 2023, featuring visuals drawn by Tsukasa Hojo Kazue Ikura and others who play the role of Kaori

The release of «Theatrical Version City Hunter New Work (tentative title)» has been decided in 2023, and a new visual has been unveiled.

In addition to Akira Kamiya (Ryo Saeba), who was announced at the time of the production announcement, the original cast Kazue Ikura as Kaori Makimura, Shunsui Ichiryusai as Saeko Nogami, Tessho Genda as the main character of Umibo, and Miki. It was also revealed that Mami Koyama will continue to cast.

The latest visual is drawn by the original author Tsukasa Hojo. Two copies of «The Final Chapter Begins.»

At «Jump Festa 2023» to be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba on December 17th and 18th, a movie ticket card with a diorama acrylic stand using the key visual that was unveiled this time will be sold.

«City Hunter», which has over 50 million copies of the original comic book, celebrated its 35th anniversary this year since the TV anime began broadcasting. In 2019, the first new work in 20 years, «City Hunter Shinjuku Private Eyes» was released and recorded a huge hit of over 1.5 billion yen. The ending theme for this new movie version has been decided to be «Get Wild» (TM NETWORK), which is familiar to fans, following «Shinjuku Private Eyes».