«Chibi Maruko-chan» broadcast 1500th anniversary May is Momoko Sakura original episode broadcast

To commemorate the 1500th broadcast of the TV anime «Chibi Maruko-chan» on May 1st, entitled «1500th Broadcast! May Sakura Momoko Original Festival», from May 8th to 4 weeks. The episode of the original work by Momoko Sakura is being broadcast with new drawings and productions.

On May 8th, «Maru-chan’s Birthday Party Opening» and «Maru-chan’s Little Birds Wanted» were broadcasted, and on the 15th of this weekend, «Maruko is noisy about the taste of tea». «Volume» and «Volume of» Yuutsuna Visiting Day «» are broadcast. Furthermore, on the 22nd, «Volume of» Mother’s Treasure «» and on the 29th, «Volume of» Nakayoshi no Gathering «» are lined up.

«Chibi Maruko-chan» is on air every Sunday from 6 pm. «May 1500th Anniversary of the Broadcast! Momoko Sakura Original Festival in May» The outline of the episode broadcast on May 15, 22, and 29 is as follows.

▽ May 15 broadcast «Volume of» Maruko, noisy in the taste of tea «»

Today is 88 nights. Maruko, who is noisy about the taste of tea and wants to drink new tea, goes to Tama-chan’s house where she got delicious new tea from her relatives.

«Volume of» Yuutsuna Visiting Day «»

Classmates who raise their hands to answer the questions written on the blackboard while visiting the math class. Maruko-chan, who was impatient with her mother’s keen eyes, raised her hand and was hit by her teacher …

▽ Broadcast on May 22 «Volume of» Mother’s Treasure «»

Maruko’s mother’s treasure is an opal ring that she bought when she was young. Maruko, who is supposed to play «Okusama pretend» at her house with Tama-chan and Fujiki, secretly brings out the ring.

▽ Broadcast on May 29 «Volume of» Nakayoshi no Gathering «» «Nakayoshi no Gathering» that pairs with children of other grades and cooperates in various events. Maruko, who is paired with a senior student who is not good at her, can’t help but feel depressed about her upcoming excursion. She also has mixed feelings as she witnesses her sister holding hands with the pair’s first graders while she is out of school.