Baku Yumemakura x Jiro Taniguchi’s masterpiece made into an animated film «Kamigami no Yamamine» released in July A dubbed version by Kenyu Horiuchi & Akio Otsuka will also be screened.

It has been decided that the animated movie «Kamigami no Yamamine», which won the 47th Cesar Award for Animation Film and recorded a big hit in France, will be released from July 8th. At the same time, poster visuals and special information videos were shown.

Baku Yumemakura’s novel «Kamigami no Yamamine» (Shueisha Bunko / Kadokawa Bunko) won the 11th Shibata Renzaburo Award in 1998. «The Summit of the Gods» (Shueisha Bunko), which was made into a manga by Jiro Taniguchi, also won the 5th Cultural Agency Media Arts Festival Manga Division Excellence Award in 2001, and both are representative works of the author. It is a legendary work that continues to be loved even today. Mr. Taniguchi, who passed away in 2017, is extremely popular in France and is called «Yasujiro Ozu in the manga world», and has received the respect of being awarded the Chevalier Medal of Arts and Culture by the French Ministry of Culture.

The manga version «The Summit of the Gods» was decided to be made into an animated film by an enthusiastic offer from the French animation world. During his lifetime, Mr. Taniguchi also traveled to France twice and participated in the production. The big project to animate Japanese masterpiece manga in France took seven years to complete and was officially screened at the 74th Cannes International Film Festival.

While approaching the biggest mystery in the history of mountaineering, «Did mountaineer Mallory succeed in climbing Everest for the first time?» Draw a figure that challenges the summit. The production team of the animated movie «Wolfwalkers» pursues the realism of the life-threatening climbing scene. In France, it has been screened in more than 300 theaters and has been a huge hit with over 130,000 people. In addition, Netflix has acquired distribution rights worldwide. It was released on a valuable screen in Japan.

In addition, the dubbed version of the gorgeous voice actors will be screened only in Japan, the country of origin. Kenyu Horiuchi, who is known for dubbing Brad Pitt and anime such as «Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ» and «Pokemon», will play the role of Makoto Fukamachi. The voice of the solitary climber Takeji Hanyu is Akio Otsuka, who is known for his animations such as «Ghost in the Shell» and «Black Jack» and the snake of the world-famous game «Metal Gear Solid» series. Ryota Osaka of «Kimetsu no Yaiba» plays the role of Buntaro, a junior of Hanyu, and Asami Imai plays the role of Ryoko who holds a clue about Hanyu’s whereabouts.

The poster shows Fukamachi and Hanyu biting into a snowy mountain on a steep slope. A white breath from the mouth and a magnificent white mountain range in the background suggest that it is Everest. The copy «The ultimate adventure mystery begins» is a finish that uplifts the viewer. The special news starts with the words «the biggest mystery in the history of mountaineering» and the appearance of mountaineer Mallory challenging Everest. The still unsolved mystery that Mallory may have achieved the first ascent of Everest-history will change if the answer is unraveled. Photographer Fukamachi decides to find him and discover her mystery after witnessing a solitary climber Hanyu, who is said to have disappeared many years ago in Nepal, leaving Mallory’s camera in his hand. At the end of the video, you can get a glimpse of the beauty of the video that depicts the world of the extreme snowy mountains on an overwhelming scale.

«The Summit of the Gods» will be open to the public from July 8th in Shinjuku Piccadilly, Human Trust Cinema Yurakucho and others.

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