Animated documentary Oscar 3 category nominated work «FLEE» notice to protect the safety of the characters

At the 94th Academy Awards, the Japanese version of the trailer for «FLEE Free,» which was the first ever to be nominated for three categories, the International Feature Film Award, the Feature Documentary Film Award, and the Feature Animation Film Award, will be unveiled. At the beginning of the video, the words «more than 84 million people are being displaced by conflict and persecution» and «this movie was made with animation to protect the safety of the characters» are heavily projected. ing.

This work is a joint film of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and France. It depicts the horrifying reality of refugees and Afghanistan, the harsh days of those struggling to escape their homeland and survive, and how a gay youth faces the trauma of the past to save his future. He won three awards, including the Grand Prix, the highest award in the World Cinema Documentary category at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, and the Crystal Award, the highest award at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival that year. Beyond the boundaries of documentary and anime, he has received high praise across genres, and has achieved 136 nominations and 82 awards at film festivals in each country (as of April 12).

Born in Afghanistan, Amin did not return with his father taken away when he was young, and escaped from his homeland with his remaining family. Eventually, he was separated from his family, and a few years later, Amin was alone in exile in Denmark. Time passed, and in his mid-thirties he was a successful researcher, trying to marry his lover’s man. But he had a secret that he had for over 20 years. He quietly begins to talk about his overly harsh half-life in front of his best friend, the film director (Director Jonas Poher Rasmussen).

In the trailer, Amin begins to tell Rasmusen about his past, which he never revealed to anyone. Her spectacular past in her childhood and her current anguish of not being able to tell her own experiences even to her lover are also cut out. On the other hand, Amin’s strong determination to take a step after facing her own trauma, such as «It’s time to change» and «This is the beginning of my story,» was also included, and her future. It was a video that made me feel hope.

The video also includes comments by successive Academy Award-winning directors who praise this work. Director Alfonso Cuarón («ROMA Roma») praises, «It makes people stop and think. This movie is made of love.» Director Bong Joon-ho («Parasite Semi-Underground Family») commented, «The most moving movie I’ve seen this year. I cried.» There is.

Immediately after Amin went into exile in Denmark, Rasmussen was an old friend of mine since he was 16 years old. When he was young, he curiously asked Amin about his past, but he said he wouldn’t say anything. About 20 years later, Amin agreed to make this work due to a change in his mind. Rasmussen wanted to hear his story through Amin’s own voice and memory, and spent about four years interviewing him intermittently, keeping pace with his heart.

Rasmussen said, «We used the interview method we have cultivated over many years in radio documentary production. We ask the interviewees to lie down, close their eyes, and remember the sights, smells, and feels they once saw. , The memory becomes stronger and more direct, and it feels like it’s unfolding right now. » On top of that, he emphasized the energy of the act of «speaking for the first time» and revealed that he did not «reproduce» what he had heard in advance.

«FLEE Free» will be released on June 10th at Shinjuku Wald 9 in Tokyo, Grand Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro and other countries.

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