A love story drawn in two parallel worlds «To all you I loved» «To one servant who loved you» released simultaneously on October 7th

Otono Shikataji’s novels «To all you I loved» and «To one servant who loved you» (published by Hayakawa Bunko) will be made into a theatrical animation and will be released simultaneously on October 7th. decided. At the same time, a promotional video and visuals for the project were shown.

The original, published in 2016, is a love story in which two boys with the same name fall in love with a girl in the world where they live, set in a world where people have been proven to travel in parallel worlds. The two works are independent stories, but as you read them, the world view that each other’s worlds influence each other becomes clear.

In «To all the you I loved», high school student Koyomi Takasaki, one day from her classmate Kazune Takigawa, is a lover in the 85th parallel world where she once was. You are told that they were each other. In «To the one servant who loved you,» elementary school student Hidaka Koyomi meets a girl named Sato Shiori and falls in love with each other, but eventually the parents remarriage and their brothers and sisters. It turns out that it will be. The two decide to elope into a parallel world where they are promised not to be brothers and sisters.

The project PV starts with the question, «What if there is a story whose ending changes greatly depending on the order in which you watch it?» In addition to introducing the concept of a parallel world, a cut of one page of youth spent by lovers and a scene that makes you feel the sign of a serious event that will be a turning point in your life are recorded. The curtain is drawn with the words «one story of two worlds».

The project visual depicts the worlds of «to all you I loved» and «to one servant who loved you», and by overlapping around the intersection, one world is completed. In «To all the you I loved», the bright sunlight is depicted, and in «To the one servant who loved you», the boy and the girl are depicted in the setting sun.

«To all you I loved» is directed by Atsushi Matsumoto of «Night Raid of Flash», and Tatsunoko Production’s animation production label BAKKEN RECORD is in charge of animation production. «To the one servant who loved you» is directed by Kenichi Kasai of «Bakuman.», And Toms Entertainment of «Lupin III» and «Detective Conan» will produce the animation. In addition, Riko Sakaguchi of «The Tale of Princess Kaguya» participated in both works as a script, and Shimano as a character draft.

Below are comments from the original authors and producers.

[Otono four-sided character (original author)]This story is born from my delusion when I was in the second year of junior high school. In the infinite parallel world, one of the happiest futures that the delusion has reached is this movie. This movie, which will be released at the same time, is made so that you can watch it from either side, and I think that the way you feel will change greatly depending on the order in which you watch it. Please enjoy the choice that you can only see once. And imagine you in a parallel world, viewed in the reverse order of you. It may be interesting to talk about your impressions with the people who watched it in the reverse order. Please take a look at the story of a new parallel world that will be born again this summer.

[Kenzo Ishiguro (Producer)]

This work is a pure love movie in the middle. Two stories starting from the choices of life are drawn in two works from the perspective of «parallel worlds». And, in those two stories, you can experience an unprecedented mechanism that «the impression after watching changes in the order of watching». This story isn’t just about romance. It is a work full of love, drawn from the perspective of «love = caring for the other person». I would like you to receive that «value of feelings for the other person» from this work. Which one do you want to watch from? Please decide the order of viewing according to your taste and experience a new movie experience in the theater!