He traveled to Turkey to undergo cheap dental treatment and lived a terrible experience

In matters of health we should never skimp; However, there are times when people get carried away by some fads or bad references of some health practices that are practiced in various parts of the world and that promise great results with little money and that sometimes, this can put at risk even life.

That was what happened to a TikTok user named Amanda Turner, who through this social network shared a video about the terrible experience she had in a Turkish dental clinic, where she went with the intention of saving money on implantation. some dental crowns.

Amanda was charged about $3,200 for about 6 individual crowns; however, nothing was done as promised and they ended up placing 6 bridges that did not even adhere well to her gums.

The woman explained in her clip that she, at first, thought that each tooth would be adjusted individually and that the procedure would be with the strict hygiene and safety that it requires.

To this, it should still be added that this British woman had her teeth filed to extreme levels, to such an extent that she spent many days in severe pain. «I can’t even move my face, it hurts so much,» Turner said.


This is how I was left all last week no temps on and in a lot of discomfort I don’t think I have ever looked as ugly😂 it was brutal, wasn’t properly froze to begin with, I was body popping in pain, and crying my eyes out, I had to literally beg for more injections to numb me. By telling my story I hope to make other aware of just how wrong this can go. I should never have been left without temps and this is all playing a part in why I am in as much pain as I now am. It’s not worth it #fyp

♬ original sound – Amanda Turner

According to the affected, this is because in the dental clinic they did not apply the proper freezing, a step that is crucial before removing the layer of enamel that teeth naturally have. This caused such intense pain that she had to beg for more anesthesia so that she could bear it, a demand that was ignored.

Nor was she free from problems with accommodation, the costs of which were handled by this clinic, although this was not entirely true, so she was forced to contact the English embassy and explain the situation to them. Upon arriving at her house in Belfast, the young woman wrote a review on the Internet so that everyone would know the physical and moral abuse to which she had been subjected.

The WhatsApp number of the clinic with which he had contacted before traveling to the Turkish capital blocked him when receiving his complaints, so he had no choice but to make a public complaint about the treatment he received. At the end of the message, Amanda herself acknowledges that she had never been through a situation of so much pain and that she recommends to anyone who is thinking of undergoing the same aesthetic retouching, to go to a hospital and not to a private clinic that is in another country, since, although it offers very attractive prices, it can suffer the same deception.

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