About 130,000 students are absent from Los Angeles schools due to Omicron

Given the absences, administrators and substitute teachers have had to work in the classrooms.

Given the absences, administrators and substitute teachers have had to work in the classrooms.

Photo: Ina Fassbender/AFP/Getty Images

LOS ANGELES – About 130,000 students in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) were absent from school during the first days back from winter break due to the wave of COVID-19 cases, powered by the Omicron variant.

Last Tuesday, students and staff in LAUSD, the second largest school district in the United States, were due to return to class. But the coronavirus pandemic has prevented some 130,000 currently enrolled students from showing up, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

In addition to the students teacher and employee absences have remained high, so office administrators and substitute teachers have had to work in classrooms.

Alberto Carvalho, the new LAUSD superintendent, said at an event this Friday that all District schools are open and that parents will continue to be informed that Los Angeles schools are safe.

They are safe places due to the protection measures that exist here. Parents must understand that, they must take their children to school”, warned Carvalho in statements collected by the newspaper.

The problems with the return were seen to come after more than 60,000 positive cases were reported among students and employees a day before the return.

LAUSD last week ordered students and staff to take mandatory COVID-19 tests before returning to school after winter break.

As of Monday afternoon, 424,230 students and employees had been tested for COVID-19. The result was not very encouraging, as 65,630 tested positive.

On Tuesday, when schools reopened, 17% of students and 15% of staff tested positive. For Thursday the positives were 15.6% among students and 13.3% for workers.

LAUSD has developed an ambitious coronavirus testing system with more than 500,000 tests required each week.

Los Angeles is experiencing a surge of COVID-19 cases fueled by the Omicron variant, and this Friday county health officials reported that 45,076 new cases and 45 deaths were reported the previous day, and that 4,175 people remain hospitalized for this. cause.

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