Free Fire x Venom: She-Venom and how to get the Carnage motorcycle skin for free | Video game

Free Fire codes and the weekly planner are not the only way to get free items. The popular Battle Royale of Garena is also celebrating the movie premiere of Venom: Carnage released with an event that brings many surprises, including the landing of She-Venom and the motorcycle skin Carnage.

The Bermuda map from the video game has been attacked by the symbiote. Therefore, to defend this island, Garena has launched the Chaos Attack event, in which players will have to defeat She-Venom.

Beat She-Venom It is very simple, because you will have to complete a series of missions that will reward you with special tokens, objects that can be used against this character to defeat him.

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For every challenge you complete during the Free Fire x Venom event, you will receive between one and 10 tokens. Also, keep in mind that the celebration is global, so the other players in the game will help you defeat the symbiote.

After the life bar of She-Venom reaches zero, all players who participated in the battle will receive the free Carnage motorcycle skin. You have until October 16, 2021 to unlock this prize.

It is important to mention that Chaos Attack is one of the many events that will launch Garena in Free Fire with the theme of Venom, so it is possible that very soon players will be able to get the skin of Venom and Carnage, as well as other thematic items.