Free Fire: what does the phrase «he didn’t put up a wall» that has become popular among gamers mean? | Present

The success of Free Fire, the battle royale developed by Garena, is so great that it is not surprising that the phrases used by its players have become so popular on social networks, especially on Facebook and TikTok. One of them is «no wall» that thousands of netizens are putting in the comments. Know that means?

Soytreintoker, a well-known influencer who has become famous for explaining the meaning of the phrases most used by young people on social networks, provided the answer to this question. Her video soon became a trend on the platform, to the point of exceeding 8.5 million views. Here we tell you what she said.

According to the tiktoker, the phrase ‘no wall’ comes from Free Fire and is related to a video game tool called «Gloo Wall» (gloo wall) that allows battle royale players to avoid their opponents’ shots. That is, it is a defense mechanism that Garena implemented in the video game.

“The young gamer began to use ‘she didn’t put up a wall’ as a synonym for ‘she didn’t defend herself’ or she was stunned. Some also use this term when someone dies, «said the content creator who currently has more than 793,000 followers on TikTok.

In another part of the video, the tiktoker revealed that this phrase has a variation that is as follows: «He didn’t put up a wall for Nuv.» What does it mean? That the person lost for being a rookie in the video game.