Free Fire: what does it mean to be ‘insane’ and why is it so popular among players? | Present

If you are a fan of Free Fire or have friends who play it, you have surely heard the word ‘insane’, a rather curious term that many call themselves. Despite being very popular among the players of this Garena battle royale, most netizens do not know its meaning. You are one of them?

If the answer is positive, do not worry, because in this publication we are going to solve your doubts. As detailed by Egames, a portal specialized in video games, the term ‘insane’, which has become very popular thanks to Free Fire, is usually used to refer to those players who have become very «pro».

According to the publication, Free Fire players often call those users who do something crazy, daring or out of this world ‘insane’. For example, eliminating four rivals with a single shot, making impossible shots from long distances, eliminating several opponents in record time, among others.

Like ‘insane’, there are other words that were born in Free Fire and made the leap to social networks. A clear example is «PvP» which is often used to challenge a person to a one-on-one battle. There is a variant (PvE) that comes from the English player versus environment, that is, player against the environment.

Most insane names in Free Fire

It is common for Free Fire players to give themselves ‘insane’ names to intimidate their rivals. Although changing your nickname may sound like something very simple to do, the truth is that one of the requirements is to invest a good amount of diamonds, which are obtained with real money.

Next, we leave you a list of the most ‘insane’ names that you can use in Free Fire. In case you don’t like any of them, you can use your own name or mix the letters of your names and surnames until you get a nickname that generates fear or astonishment in all your opponents.

  • Kasuga
  • Dantus
  • Killer One
  • bixkill
  • Threat
  • onkill
  • DangerBull
  • Mako
  • Deant
  • The Kevin
  • Shade
  • Duster
  • killer
  • 3sixty
  • Samo
  • Duke