Free Fire: more than 684,000 accounts were banned for being linked to hackers | Video game

Hard work. Hacker waves are one of the main concerns for the most successful developers on the market. Games as popular as Free Fire, Fortnite and Warzone suffer daily from this evil that derives from their easy access (being free). In the case of Garena, a positive rise has just been reported as it became the most watched mobile video game in the last quarter; However, this milestone was overshadowed by a report on the number of banned.

Being so popular and free to access, Free Fire suffers from the most common syndrome in so-called games as a service: hackers. As recently reported, the developer had to ban more than 684,000 accounts that were reported in a span of just two weeks.

According to the report, most of these accounts earned their ban due to the obvious use of non-legitimate tools, which provide significant advantages in the game. Thousands of Free Fire users turn to these hacks to win effortlessly and ruin the experience of others.

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For its part, Free Fire’s anti-cheat system is focused not only on providing easy-to-detect mechanics, but also on generating reports from time to time to measure the problem and its evolution, something that many other titles already do, such as its own. Call of Duty Warzone.

  • In the latest report, Garena shared these statistics:
  • 684,176 Free Fire accounts were banned (42.8% of these were reported by many players)
  • 8,679 accounts were banned for intentionally playing alongside cheaters (this means that while they did not resort to hacks, they benefited from them by playing on a hacker’s computer)
  • Of the total number of banned accounts, 14.4% used the tool known as Teleport, which allows you to change location instantly.
  • 13.3% used Wallhacks, an old trick that allows you to see enemies through walls