Free Fire launches weekly agenda from September 28 to October 4 and arrives with Zombie Samurai | Present

Thousands of Free Fire fans are very excited, after Garena published the new weekly agenda that runs from September 28 to October 4, 2022. As usual, it is full of news and surprises, including the return of the Zombie Samurai. What else does it bring? Here we tell you.

“The weekly agenda is here! Tomorrow we’ll have the Zombie Samurai skin and the Taken Warrior emote back. So get ready for the discounted Elite Pass and expect the new one this Saturday. Do not miss the recharges and discounts of the Incubator and Luck Royale, ”Garena wrote on her official Twitter.

The post soon became a trend on Twitter, especially among fans of this battle royale, as it included an image that summarizes all the surprises that Free Fire and Free Fire Max players will be able to enjoy for 7 days. Next, we detail each of them:

Free Fire weekly agenda from September 28 to October 4. Photo: Garena

Free Fire weekly agenda activities from September 28 to October 4

  • Wednesday, September 28: Zombie Samurai / Samurai Recharge / Diamond Royale
  • Thursday, September 29: Elite Pass / Magic Roulette
  • Friday September 30: Magic Roulette / 50% discount
  • Saturday October 01: Elite Pass Launch / Magic Roulette / Dealer Reload
  • Sunday October 02: Weapons royale
  • Monday, October 03: Super Wonder Roulette / Ghost Recharge
  • Tuesday, October 04: Incubator discount