Free Fire launches its weekly schedule from November 16 to 22 with the Galactic Tower and Magic Roulette | Present

Do you like Free Fire? If you installed this battle royale on your Android or iPhone cell phone, you should know that Garena has just revealed its new weekly schedule that runs from November 16 to 22. Thousands of fans have been excited, as it is full of many surprises and news. Here we will reveal them to you.

Through their Twitter account, the creators of Free Fire detailed all the rewards that you can access in the next seven days. Among the most important are the Magic Roulette and the Galactic Tower, which will take place on Friday and Saturday, respectively.

“Reload diamonds on Friday for the Hyperbook, enter Magic Roulette and ascend the Galactic Tower for great rewards from the FFWS. Take advantage of the incubator discount before the Protectors of Heaven arrive, ”Garena pointed out in her post.

The publication made by Garena on Twitter is accompanied by an illustration that summarizes all the prizes and rewards that Free Fire players will be able to receive until November 22. It should be noted that Sunday, November 20, there will be nothing special.

Content of the latest Free Fire weekly agenda. Photo: Garena

Activities of the Free Fire weekly agenda from November 16 to 22

  • Wednesday, November 16: Gold Royale
  • Thursday, November 17: Tier Shops / Incubator Discounts / Diamond Royale
  • Friday, November 18: Recharge diamonds for Hyperbook / Magic Roulette
  • Saturday, November 19: Galactic Tower / Evolutionary Fist Reload
  • Monday November 21: Magic Roulette
  • Tuesday November 22: New incubator