Free Fire launches its weekly schedule from November 10 to 15 with Rain Duck and Reality Tied skins | Present

The creators of Free Fire, the Chinese company Garena, have just released their new weekly agenda that runs from November 10 to 15. That is to say, during the next few days, there will be several surprises for the players of this battle royale. What are the main ones?

According to Garena, all Free Fire and Free Fire Max players will be able to get three skins (Rain Ducky, Reality Bound and Ice Age Dino). They also highlighted that there will be a good discount on gestures, which you can use to celebrate all your victories.

“This Friday you can’t miss the Lucky Shop with the Rainy Ducky skin and Reality Bound! Also keep an eye on the Ice Age Dino skin in Magic Roulette. Get ready for a huge emote discount!” they tweeted.

The publication made by Garena on Twitter is accompanied by an illustration that summarizes all the prizes and rewards that Free Fire players will be able to receive until November 15. It should be noted that on November 13 there will be nothing special.

Free Fire weekly agenda content. Photo: Garena

Free Fire weekly agenda activities from November 10 to 15

  • Thursday, November 10: Hour of Fire / Print Reload
  • Friday, November 11: Lucky Shop with Rain Ducky and Reality Bound skins
  • Saturday, November 12: Magic Roulette with Ice Age Dino skin / Emotes at 50% discount
  • Monday November 14: Magic Roulette / Shadow Recharge
  • Tuesday, November 15: Super Roulette Wonder / Incubator Bonus.