Free Fire launches its weekly agenda from November 2 to 8 with the Assassin of Darkness and Eternal Rest | Present

If you are a fan of Free Fire, the battle royale developed by Garena, you will be delighted to know that the Chinese company has just released the new weekly agenda that runs from November 2 to 8 and that it will be full of news and prizes. Which are? Here you can meet them.

Through its Twitter account, Garena announced that the new weekly agenda will feature the Assassin of Darkness, which you can obtain thanks to Magic Roulettes. Other prizes will be the Eternal Rest emote and the MP5-Platinum Divinity.

“Tomorrow get the Underworld Catrín with a 50% discount! And when you reload, you will receive a surprise and the Eternal Rest emote. Take advantage of the Magic Roulettes to obtain the Assassin of Darkness and the MP5-Platinum Divinity, ”Garena pointed out on her Twitter.

The publication made by Garena on Twitter comes along with an illustration that summarizes all the prizes and rewards that Free Fire fans will be able to receive until November 8.

Content of the latest weekly schedule of Free Fire. Photo: Garena

Free Fire weekly agenda activities from November 2 to 8

  • Wednesday, November 2: Surprise benefit / 50% discount on Skeleton Tower.
  • Thursday, November 3: Roulette with a discount / Backpack recharge.
  • Friday November 4: Evolution of the MP5.
  • Saturday, November 5: Super Roulette Wonder / Underworld Reload / Discount on weapon boxes.
  • Monday November 6: Magic Roulette.
  • Tuesday, November 7: Lucky M1014 / Shadow Reload.

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