Free Fire is the most popular game for mobile devices in Peru, according to a study | Present

Free Fire is a free to play battle royale for mobile devices that has a huge community around the world. The video game was developed by Garena and constantly offers free items through redemption codes, the weekly agenda and thematic events.

It goes without saying that Free Fire can be downloaded and played for free on Android phones and iPhones. In addition, it has two versions: a standard one and another called Free Fire Max, which adds better graphics, more game modes, and other new features.

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Precisely, the battle royale created by Garena, as well as other titles for smartphones, were part of a report called State of Mobile Games 2022, developed by Data.Ai, in which Peruvian players were included, what was the result? ?

The report focused on three categories: downloads, monetization and number of monthly active players in Peru. To the surprise of many, Free Fire is number one in each of these topics.

Data.AI report reveals that Free Fire is the most downloaded game, the one with the most monthly active users and the one with the highest monetization in Peru. Photo: Data.Ai

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For example, the Garena game is the most downloaded in the national territory, and has surpassed titles such as Among Us, Bridge Race, Roblox, Tiles Hop, Ludo Club, Craftsman: Buidling Craft and Candy Crash Saga.

In the monetization section, Free Fire is followed by Roblox, Pokémon GO, Brawl Stars, Call of Duty: Mobile, Candy Crush Saga, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Clash Royale, among others.

Finally, Garena’s battle royale has more monthly active players than COD: Mobile, Pokémon Unite, AetherSX2, Candy Crush Saga, Among Us, Brawl Stars, Ludo Club, Clash Royale and Pokémon GO.