What to see: The 8 best adaptations of Stephen King in ‘streaming’ after ‘Eyes of fire’

The master of terror has been brought to the big screen on many occasions. These recommendations, available on platforms, show the best of his ideas and his particular worlds.

The world of Stephen King continues to fill the big screen and theaters. Eyes of Fire has arrived in theaters, a new adaptation of the novel by the author from Maine almost 30 years after Mark L. Lester made his own version with Drew Barrymore as the protagonist. This new movie, with Zac Efron, is one of the many adaptations that have been made of the horror master’s novels, and most of them are available to watch at home via streaming.

We collect the best adaptations From the writer. These 8 versions, all available on streaming platforms, of King’s work, include dramas and youth films as well as horror gems.

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‘Carrie’ (1976)

One of the first big hits of the King factory on the big screen was Carrie, the story of a teenage girl Raised in a puritanical and restrictive environment, she is suddenly faced with all the problems of a young woman her age, and some more supernatural. Brian De Palma brings this nightmarish youth story to life with verve and energy.

With a prodigious Sissy Spacek in the title role of the show, the film explores fears typical of adolescence, such as bodily changes, insecurities, physical attractions, together with the conservative oppression of his mother’s extreme Catholicism. All of this creates a pressure cooker atmosphere that will erupt into one of the bloodiest high school dances cinema has ever seen.

You can see it on Filmin.

‘The Shining’ (1980)

Even though his own King showed his disapproval with the interpretation that Stanley Kubrick made of his work, there is no doubt that The glow It has transcended as the greatest adaptation of King and one of the best works of horror cinema. It also features one of the most visceral and brilliant performances by Jack Nicholson, who made the character of Jack Torrance completely iconic.

Obsession and paranoia of the writer in this thriller with supernatural elements, where a novelist takes his wife and son to a hotel away from the rest of the world to act as a watchman during the winter, a job that will allow him to spend time writing. But little by little his mind will begin to lose all connection with reality and sanity, escalating a tension that will be completely unleashed in one of the most shocking endings ever seen.

You can see it on HBO Max.

‘Count Me In’ (1986)

It’s not all supernatural horror and darkness in King’s world. Count on me follows a group of teenage friends who embark on a summer road trip to see a dead body for the first time, and in the process they will strengthen their friendship and go on their own journey of coming of age. Rob Reiner directs this exquisite teen drama with precocious River Phoenix and Corey Feldman.

Despite the gruesome search for the body, the film shows tenderness in its approach to these characters, at the same time that it reflects their conflicts in their imminent journey towards adulthood. The film also has King’s ability to explore the difficulties of young people, as well as the peculiarities of growing up in a town in deep America.

You can see it on Filmin.

‘Misery’ (1990)

Another great adaptation by Reiner of one of the most particular works of the writer. Misery follows a successful novelist (james caan), who suddenly wakes up in the house of a peculiar woman (Katy Bates) who tells her that he has been rescued by her after a road accident. This woman, the writer’s number one fan, as she continually expresses, will try to motivate him to write another story in his successful saga. She wants him or not.

Reiner gets an incredible film from a novel, in principle, unadaptable, where almost everything happens in the mind of the leading writer. The film manages to maintain that paranoia and tension around the dangers she runs physically and mentally, while managing to amplify the character of the fan with a masterful Kathy Bates, making her performance more memorable.

You can see it on Amazon Prime Video, Filmin and Movistar +.

‘Life imprisonment’ (1994)

Another great example of how King’s novels are not exclusively horror, and he was even capable of making great dramas. Life imprisonment is one of the most successful, thanks to the exemplary direction of Frank Darabont, perhaps the filmmaker who best understands and brings to the screen the stories of the author from Maine.

A superb prison drama, where the characters of Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman form a fabulous friendship. Two men with a turbulent and complex past, but without any future, who can only try to make the present more manageable. Despite going somewhat unnoticed in its beginnings, it has grown in admiration and applause until it is considered one of the best films in history.

You can see it on HBO Max and Movistar +.

‘The Green Mile’ (1999)

Another great adaptation by Frank Darabont that in The green Mile makes a prison drama again, only this time led by Tom Hanks and with some fantastic component included. Here we follow the death row guards of a Cold Mountain penitentiary, who are suddenly greeted by a kind and huge African-American inmate named John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan), who is accused of raping and murdering two young girls.

The film is a beautiful but also dark tale of mortality and life, about the relationships we lose along the way and also about how evil walks in the world. Hanks does some of his best acting work as the head guard of this part of the prison, reinforcing the humanity of this high-flying story.

You can see it on Filmin and Movistar+.

‘Stephen King’s Fog’ (2007)

Darabont made three movies based on King’s works and they are all great movies. But Stephen King’s The Fog is very different from the previous two, already launching itself fully into a chilling horror showing a strange thick fog that haunts a small townwith the majority taking refuge in the local supermarket.

Although the monstrous creatures he ends up unfurling are truly creepy, the real terror of the film lies in the loud and intense conflicts between these terrified people, They react differently to a threat they don’t understand. Those portraits of humanity, showing the best and worst sides of it, are what make King’s works so fascinating, and this film proves it.

You can see it on HBO Max.

‘Doctor Sleep’ (2019)

We’ve heavily featured Darabont as the best King adapter, though mike flanagan he is making a lot of merits to compete for that title. In addition to his estimable other adaptation with Gerald’s game, and the indirect influence that King has on shows like midnight masshis best approximation was with doctor sleepa risky sequel to The Shining.

Flanagan emerges unscathed from the enormous challenge at hand. He not only had to maintain a certain fidelity to King and the sequel novel that he adapts, but it also has to honor Kubrick’s film in some way. Get the best of both worlds while maintaining a very personal style, talking about addictions, unlikely connections and the evil that walks free in the world. An underrated movie.

You can see it on HBO Max.

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