What happened to Jennifer Connelly? The actress who disappeared after winning an Oscar

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ is about to be released and, if you have the feeling that you haven’t seen much of it lately, it has an explanation.

She has been a drug addict in Requiem for a Dream, a young woman in the strange world of Inside the Labyrinth, and the wife of a schizophrenic mathematician in A Beautiful Mind. Throughout her nearly 40-year career, Jennifer Connelly has been many things, most of them well-remembered, but you might get the feeling that she hasn’t been on the billboards much in the past decade. There are several reasons why you believe that when, in reality, Connelly has never stopped doing things.

Since 2020, it is Melanie Cavill, protagonist of Snowpiercer: Snowbreaker. This TNT series -which in Spain we can see on Netflix- is based on the film of the same name by Bong Joon-ho and is set in a dystopian world where the world has become a frozen wasteland. The remaining humans inhabit a constantly moving train that is made up of 1,001 carriages strictly divided into social classes. The fiction has very good reviews and has already aired three seasons, in addition to a fourth that is in preparation.

Similarly, is about to release Top Gun: Maverick, where he plays Penelope Benjamin, the new love interest of the pilot played by Tom Cruise. The film hits Spanish theaters on May 27 and is another title added to her filmography, which is full of great successes. Although we can now see her in several important projects, she is an actress who She has decided to space her work to spend time with her family, in addition to collaborating on projects away from the cameras that also keep her busy. These are the main reasons why you think Jennifer Connelly has stopped making movies.

Box office failures and voice dubbing

One of the reasons why you haven’t seen Jennifer Connelly on screen as much is because some of her latest work hasn’t had the impact that was expected. This is the case of Shelter, a drama directed by Paul Bettany that did not obtain great ratings or a very wide distribution. Something like this happened with Heroes in Hell, by Joseph Kosinski, which after seeing the light in 2018 only recovered 26 million dollars of the 38 it had cost. It garnered good feedback, but it didn’t translate into ticket sales.

Similarly, one of his most notable productions in recent years has been in Spider-Man: Homecoming, a Marvel movie that surely sounds familiar to you. In it he brings to life Karen, the artificial intelligence that accompanies Peter Parker’s suit. That is to say, although her role is notable in the film, we did not see her on screen because she only lent her voice.

Hiatus and rest time between projects

After winning the Oscar for A Beautiful Mind, Connelly began to space out his projects a bit. Since the early 2000s, the actress has worked on, at most, a couple of movies a year – with a few exceptions – and one of the main reasons is that she has decided to spend time with her family. . In fact, shortly after winning the coveted statuette, she rearranged her priorities and decided to take a break. Since then, she maintains that philosophy of choosing cautiously and little by little.

After the hiatus, he let a lot of time pass between production and production. He did Creation in 2008 and didn’t return to a set until late 2009, when he recorded Virginia. Connelly is very comfortable in low-budget movies and prioritizes her interests over the possible popularity she can gain, something that also supports that feeling of not seeing her as often.

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In an interview with The Guardian in 2009, the actress stated that she had taken a sabbatical year with her partner, fellow actor Paul Bettany, in order to enjoy their children together. «It’s wonderful. My job really suits me,» Connelly noted, noting how lucky she was to be able to prioritize her family over her job from time to time.

Connelly and Bettany married in 2003. The couple met on the set of A Beautiful Mind and, although the two were in another relationship at the time, the 9/11 terrorist attack made them rethink their lives. Bettany proposed to her before they even started dating and they moved to New York together. Together they had two children, Stellan (2003) and Agnes (2011), in addition to Connelly’s son from her previous relationship with David Dugan, Kai (1997).

His other works away from the cameras: Amnesty International and Save the children

Being a familiar face in Hollywood has allowed her to become an ambassador for various causes she believes in, which has also kept her busy. In 2005 she was chosen by Amnesty International for human rights education, a position in which she had to impart values ​​in relation to children’s rights. She has also collaborated with Save the Children in 2012 with similar functions.

On the other hand, there are many brands that have counted on it to be their official image. Shiseido, the Japanese cosmetics company, wanted Connelly to represent them, since the actress was known in the 1980s for a series of advertisements that reached the Japanese market. Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton and Revlon have also signed her to represent the brand. The actress has a very good reputation and for that reason there are so many firms that want her as her visible face.

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