Vicky Martín Berrocal’s reaction to Almodóvar’s proposal to dress Penélope Cruz as a flamenco dancer

The designer has been a guest this week at ‘Joaquín. El Novato’ where Joaquín Sánchez has entered the world of fashion.

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Another week, Joaquín Sánchez tried his luck with a new profession in El Novato. On this occasion, the footballer has fully entered the world of fashion at the hands of Vicky Martín Berrocal. The designer has confessed the hardest and happiest moments of her in her professional career and has left a surprising anecdote to remember.

The designer started in the world of fashion thanks to her flamenco designs. However, she now makes all kinds of designs, leaving her star format behind. Even so, flamenco dresses will always be her right eye, since, thanks to them, she has fulfilled several dreams. She has since exhibited at ‘Harrods’ her to publish in the most important magazines in the United States. Of course, Berrocal has a dream to fulfill: to dress Penélope Cruz.

This dream was about to come true, but due to fate, he could not make it come true. Berrocal has confessed to Joaquín that they called him on behalf of Pedro Almodóvar with a commission for the actress. «And they finished me off when they told me that she was flamenco,» she said, very excited. And it is that dressing one of the most important actresses and on top of that with a flamenco dress, Berrocal’s weakness, is not done every day.

The project between Cruz and the Spanish director is not a film. A few months ago, ‘W’ magazine asked Almodóvar to photograph her in an editorial that paid homage to her Spanish roots. An event in style with which the designer could show off her designs. However, the designer ran into a small problem: «I left it seven years ago, I sold everything.»

The only thing I have left are the batas de cola from the parade finales

But Berrocal does not lose hope and thinks that «everything in life happens for a reason, and what doesn’t, too.» And it is that the filmmaker had been interested in two designs. The first one was kept by the Huelva woman from his latest collection; and the second one was made for her to show off at a fair. «When she’s for you, she’s for you,» she reaffirmed.

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