Unsolved series mysteries that we all want to know

On some occasions, when the final credits roll, fans are left without knowing everything about their favorite fiction. Here we collect questions that remain unanswered, beware, spoilers!

For better or for worse, the narrative of a series can drag on as long as the writers’ minds allow. When it comes to a story whose ending isn’t always designed from the start, the development over the years can present a few script holes or, in the worst case, mysteries that arise and are never solved.

Few series get rid of this problem. Some fictions introduced an element to create confusion in the viewer without any intention of solving it later -the damn pineapple from How I Met Your Mother-, others had scheduling problems and made more or less important characters disappear without a trace -that’s where it comes in. Ben, Ross’s son in Friends-.

In short, who more and who less has found a small mistake in some stories and, despite waiting until the final episode, they have not obtained the answer they were looking for. Here we have compiled the great unresolved unknowns of several of the most famous television series.

‘Stranger Things’


What happened to the rest of the children who were subjected to the Stranger Things experiment? They appear to move Eleven’s story forward, but they could get a lot of juice out of them. Fortunately, there are still two seasons of the fiction, so it is possible that we return to them.



What happened to Caitlin in Heroes? She looks like she disappeared along with the dimension she was in, but why not bring it up? Is Peter Petrelli to blame for her disappearance? Do we have to accept that she died? Too many questions about the character.

‘The Good Wife’


What happened between Julianna Margulies and Archie Punjabi’s characters on The Good Wife? They were best friends and then Kalinda Sharma disappeared completely. If we look for the explanation, we have to go to real life, since both actresses were killed, hence one of them had to leave the project.

‘Mad Men’


Mad Men closed its seven seasons with great success and tight knots, but something was left that the fans would have liked to know. Why does Peggy never talk about the son she gave up for adoption again? Okay, the publicist turned the page, but it’s strange that she made only one mention in the entire series.

‘Gilmore Girls’


Who is the father of Rory’s baby? The end of the ‘revival’ of Gilmore Girls left fans shocked and it does not seem that there will be a sequel. In this way, we will be left without knowing if Rory is going to start a family or if she is going to take the path of his mother and remain single.

‘Game of Thrones’


Does Bran also know the future? The powers of the new king of Westeros in Game of Thrones were not entirely clear. He can see things that haven’t happened, but that ability hadn’t been established before. Of course, with how bittersweet the ending was, we can’t get picky either.

‘Gossip Girl’

The C.W.

There are many mysteries – or is it better to say inconsistencies? – in the fact that Dan is the true Gossip Queen of Gossip Girl. Where did he get the information from? Why was she spreading rumors that hurt her own sister and her girlfriend? Once the revelation was known, what had been seen so far ceased to make sense.



What happened to Ben, Ross and Carol’s son? The character wasn’t very regular on Friends, but his disappearance draws a lot of attention, especially when he didn’t even have a small role in the finale. His last appearance was in season 8, before his sister Emma was born. He never even got to meet the youngest of the family.

‘The Sopranos’


Does Tony Soprano die at the end of The Sopranos? The end of the series is so ambiguous that it is not at all clear what happened to its protagonist. That fade to black was a great move by the creators if they hoped to keep fans talking about it for years.

‘The Big Bang Theory’


Chuck Lorre’s sitcom wasn’t much given to asking unanswered questions, but oddly enough, it does have one of the greats on television: What is Howard’s mother on The Big Bang Theory like? This will be one of the great mysteries of the series, but it is better that they do not answer it.



We could do a separate report on all the issues that Lost raises and that it does not fully close -something that, on the other hand, would start a heated debate among fans-, but here we are left with this mystery: Where is the body of Christian Shephard if it’s not in the coffin?



In a series full of mysteries and supernatural things, more than one fan will be thinking about the same thing: What happened to William Scully, the son of agent Dana in File X, after he was given up for adoption? He was he completely sure? There are many theories surrounding this miracle baby, starting with how he was conceived, but nothing is known about him after Jeffrey Spender injects him with a serum that supposedly removes his powers.

‘How I Met Your Mother’


Where did the pineapple come from that Ted finds in his room? Who has it been stolen from? Does it mean anything to the plot? It was a mystery left unsolved at the end of How I Met Your Mother intentionally. The viewers spent seasons thinking about it so that, in the end, it was nothing important in the life of the protagonist.