Trailer and release date for ‘Intimacy’: the new Netflix series with Itziar Ituño and Emma Suárez explores the implications of a sex scandal

Announced last year, Netflix has already revealed the release date and a first trailer for ‘Privacy‘, his new Spanish series. It will be next June 10 when we can see the eight episodes of this drama about a sexual scandal.

From the hand of veronica fernandez (‘Hache’) and Laura Sarmiento The fiction starts when a video of a sexual nature comes to light starring a promising politician. The scandal affects four other women, who begin to consider the limits between the public, the private and the intimate.

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‘Intimacy’ features an all-female main cast with Itziar Ituno like malena, Patricia Lopez Arnaiz like Begoña, Emma Suarez as look, Veronica Echegui like Anne and Anne Wagener like Alice.

A sexual video that dynamites everything


The characteristics of their characters have not transpired, as well as the details of the plot beyond this brief but interesting synopsis, which promises an exploration of the limits of intimacy. On the other hand, the series has had a staff of directors made up of Jorge Torregrossa, Ben Gutteridge, Koldo Almandoz and Marta Fon.

A sexually charged recording featuring a promising politician is leaked to the press. It is the trigger for a story about the lives of four women forced to tread carefully the fine line between public and private life. Where are the limits of our intimacy drawn? What happens to our lives when our privacy ends up on everyone’s lips?