Tinder, friends and guaranteed laughs in ‘How I met your father’, now available on Disney +

The ‘spin-off’ of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ stars Hilary Duff and travels between 2050 and the lives of a group of thirtysomethings

«I know it’s crazy, but I’ve had 87 Tinder dates this year and none have gone well except yours.» This is the phrase that Sophie (Hillary Duff), the protagonist of How I Met Your Father, uses to try to convince the one she thinks is the love of her life not to embark to the end of the world before sealing her love . And, as any reader can imagine, the strategy doesn’t quite work… although it is hilarious.

Because if we liked something about this series starring Duff, whose first full season is now available on Disney +is the ability to identify with it and to laugh at ourselves in the absurd, crazy and unlimited world that we have had to live.

‘How I met your father’ embraces the legacy of ‘How I met your mother’ and updates it: «In 2005 we found fun things that are no longer»

The spin-off of the legendary 2005 series how I Met Your Mother takes us to 2050 in which the protagonist connects by video call with her son and decides to tell him, over 10 chapters of less than half an hour, how her love story with her father was in 2022. And along the way, it ends up becoming a portrait of the New York of 2022, where Sophie and her close-knit group of friends are in the midst of figuring out who they are, what they want from life, and how hard it is. falling in love in the age of dating apps and unlimited options.

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How I Met Your Father, produced by 20th Television, has been written jointly by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger and, after this first installment, it is expected that it will also have at least a second season of 20 more episodes. In addition to working as a producer, Hilary Duff stars in the series alongside Christopher Lowell, France Raisa, surah sharma, Tom Ainsley Y Tien Tran.

If from 2005 to 2014 we witnessed Ted Mosby’s search to find the perfect woman to start a family with, Eight years after the end of How I Met Your Mother, the creators of this series considered what the lives of Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily and Robin would be like today and how they could connect both stories. to, at the same time, update some things of the original that at this point have been outdated.

In the new series, fans of the first will find many nods to the original, including spaces and places, although many of the plots have had to be updated, as the creators commented to SensaCine in an interview.

We wanted to take elements of the original, especially the storytelling and format, but use it to tell the story of a new group of friends on their own search for love in 2022,» says Aptaker. The 10 best series that we will see in May 2022

Compared to its predecessor, lThe new series also shows greater racial and gender diversity, relationships and sexual identities much more in line with the reality of the 21st century. And it also overcomes some clichés. “The protagonist is discovering who she is, what her career will be like, what she wants her life to be like… These are all the questions we ask ourselves when we are on the precipice of 30. And that was very important for me. U.S; that it wasn’t just the story of a woman who needs to find love and find a boy”, says Berger in the interview. In addition, he eliminates one of the most controversial characters of the original, such as Barney.

But the series is faithful to the original in the format of the episodes, with a ‘flashback’ account of each of the adventures of the mother in her younger version.. Also in the tone of the comedy and in the key issue: that we do not quite know throughout the time travel who really is the father referred to in the title. Although, according to its creators, «the series is full of clues and winks» for an attentive observer.

The complete first season of How I Met Your Father is now available on Disney+ for that viewer looking for guaranteed laughs in a most contemporary comedy.

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