The most gory and bloody Heidi: The famous character faces the fascist dictatorship of a cheese magnate in one of the craziest movies of the year

You will be able to see the film, which has been created thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, starting today.

Whatever type of cinema you like, there is a class of films that delight all moviegoers: those considered the craziest. They’re perfect for watching with friends and laughing at the crazy things and wacky things that happen on screen. One of those who falls into this group is Mad Heidi. Mainly, because she takes one of your childhood animation characters and turns it into something completely opposite.

The title, which mixes the genres of horror, gore, action, comedy and adventure, will have already given you the odd clue. Mad Heidi transforms the candid series girl from the famous animated series Heidi into a bloody heroine.

Directed by directorial couple Johannes Hatmann and Sandro Lopfstein, this film is set in a dystopian Switzerland that has fallen under the fascist rule of an evil cheese magnate.

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The protagonist has a quiet life in the Alps with her grandfather Alpöhi, but the young woman feels an indefatigable desire for freedom and ends up having problems with the dictator’s helpers. What happened turns the innocent girl into a heroine who intends to free the country from fascism.

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Curiously, in the cast of Mad Heidi there is Spanish representation. The protagonist Alice Lucy has Valencian origins and the cast also includes the Spanish actress Almar G. Sato.

Other names are those of Casper van Dien, who will sound familiar to you from his participation in the Starship Troopers series and who here gets into the skin of the dictator Meili. Another actor is David Schofield, who has participated in titles such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Gladiator.

The film has been available in theaters since November 24 and production was possible thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.

On these lines, do not miss the trailer for Mad Heidi.

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