The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Mistakes That ‘How I Met Your Father’ Shouldn’t Repeat

On January 18, the new version of the comedy that swept the last decade will be released. With Hilary Duff at the helm, fiction is presented with a necessary image wash for the new times.

On January 18 it will premiere on Hulu How i met your father, the heir to the mythical how I Met Your Mother. At the moment it does not have a release date in Spain, but seeing the interest it generates, it is likely that there will be news about it soon. Meanwhile, we look back to analyze the original series, the one that kept us attentive for 9 seasons to see how he met the woman with whom he would later have two children.

The production that is released now follows the same premise. «This is the story of how I met your father. It’s a funny story, actually.»begins by saying the voiceover of Hilary Duff, who plays the main character. Her character, Sophie, along with the rest of her friends will take us back to New York and the world of dating today. Almost ten years have passed since the parent comedy ended and many things have changed.

The ‘Me Too’, the ‘Black Lives Matter’, the movement for diversity in the industry, the LGBT revolution … Today’s society has nothing to do with what it was then and that should be reflected. In the same way, we are more demanding viewers, who have seen many more series, so they can no longer fool us with the same tricks. While we will always remember Ted (Josh Radnor), Marshall (Jason Segel), Lily (Alyson Hannigan), Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) fondly, a makeover is needed and here we collect errors from how I Met Your Mother that should not be repeated in How i met your father.

We need to talk about Barney

When it was released in 2005, we were all laughing at Barney Stinson’s jokes and flirting techniques. The Game Manual It was something that was commented on in groups of friends and I even tried the ‘Do you know Ted?’ to play Celestina. There was nothing unpleasant about it, but the passage of time has worked against him.

We’re sorry – and we understand that this might hurt the fans – but Barney didn’t treat women well and we don’t need a similar character in How i met your father. Yes to free sex, to freedom in relationships, to different models of couples, but a resounding ‘no’ to playing with other people’s feelings for your own benefit, that there is much of that in the character of Neil Patrick Harris.

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No more relationships without chemistry

One of the key elements of this type of comedy is romantic relationships. In the case of how I Met Your MotherFinding out who the mother of Ted’s two children was was what structured the series, but it was her love story with Robin that most hooked viewers. Removing that much debated and commented ending, it was a well-constructed and attractive romantic plot.

Then, What relationship without chemistry are we talking about? The one that arose between Robin and Barney, who almost became Joey and Rachel (Friends) of the ‘sitcom’ because of how little they stuck together. They were good friends and they should have stayed that way, since as a couple they didn’t have any kind of ‘feeling’. And look, actually, the writers left us a lot of clues about their love affair. Please, no more relationships like this in How i met your father.

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We are fed up with the constant ‘yes I want / I don’t want’ in relationships

Since how I Met Your Mother premiered, the perception of love has changed a lot. Now we are more aware of what a ‘toxic relationship’ is, having a stable partner is not so eagerly pursued and different models are more normally accepted. That is, if you don’t want to be with someone, just be honest with yourself and put an end to what doesn’t make you happy.

In the mythical ‘sitcom’ there is a big problem between Robin and Ted. We see them break up and come together on many occasions until they are fed up. It is not something unique to this fiction, since it occurs in many series, but How i met your father You would do us a favor if you progressed on this topic and didn’t waste time defoliating the daisy with its protagonists.. Either you love him or you don’t. A little conflict is fine, but in the right measure.

Beware of lengthening it too much

When it premiered how I Met Your Mother It was one of the series that ‘had to be seen’ and, those who had not started it, got tired of hearing how their friends recommended it. In its early days, it looked like the new Friends, since they shared many elements: a group of young people in New York, a regular meeting place, their vital problems at the center of the plot … But as the seasons were released, he lost strength and, what could have been a generational series, he stayed halfway.

We do not know if having shortened it before, we would now talk about it in another way, but of course the last two installments did not help much. As is often the case, From the seventh season, the scriptwriters’ fatigue began to be noticed and the plots and jokes lost their freshness. It became clear that the denouement had to be reached, which came later than was necessary.

How i met your father premieres on Hulu on January 18 -in Spain still undated, but it is likely to come from the hand of Disney + -. In addition to Hilary Duff, who is the main protagonist in her role as Sophie, make up the cast Jesse (Chris Lowell), Valentina (Francia Raisa), Charlie (Tom Ainsley), Ellen (Tien Tran) and Sid (Suraj Sharma).

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