The craziest true story you’ll find on Netflix: the manipulative pedophile who tormented an entire family without hiding

A ‘true crime’ documentary film released in 2019 with which you won’t stop wondering how the hell something like this could happen.

If you know how to enjoy a good ‘true crime’ or from time to time you like to take a look at the increasingly common series and documentary films or fictions based on real crimes, it is more than likely that you have located some of the most famous of Netflix . This is The Keepers, Making a Murderer, Wild Wild Country and, of course, the highly talked about and unexpected Tiger King. These are just a few examples of the ever-increasing range of titles in a genre that is adding more and more followers and that this week, without going any further, are about to freak out with the story of the gynecologist who is an expert in fertility treatments who impregnated more of 50 women with their own sperm without their knowledge. The aforementioned film is called Our Father and it will tell a story that is as incredible as it is true and that is not the first time it has happened.

Nor will it be the first time that we remain ojiplático with a true story capable of surpassing fictiona detail that ultimately ends up being the key to turning some of these documentary titles into a phenomenon in social networks. Although it has happened to us with each and every one of those mentioned in the previous paragraph, Netflix is ​​a real mine. Nevertheless, we have had the audacity to give one of them the dubious «honor» of being the craziest story: Abducted in Plain Sight, a case that, unless you know the documentary film, you probably have not heard about and that deals with a real crime that occurred in the 70s. The kidnapping of a minor by a friend and neighbor of the family who carried out his misdeed in broad daylight and without hiding.

Directed by Skye Borgman in 2017 Abducted in Plain Sight is a documentary that is reached almost by chance, but that traps the viewer in its net from the first moment. That for granted.

And it is that, as it progresses, it leaves no room for anticipation or shutting up, since each of its turns is capable of surpassing the previous one.


A family falls for a manipulative neighbor who kidnaps their teenage daughter… Twice

Although Netflix’s description of the documentary is brief, the story starring the Broberg family and their infamous neighbor and friend Robert ‘B’ Berchtold is sheer madness, packed with surprising elements and unexpected twists, and the best proof that sometimes reality can be stranger than fiction.


with a fclassic documentary format and through the interviews of several of those involved as well as various archived materials of the case, the documentary takes us back to the early 1970s to introduce us to the Brobergs, a Pocatello, Idaho family whose neighbor and best friend Robert Berchtold has been desperately obsessed with one of his daughters, Jan Broberg, since she was a little girl. After gaining the trust of the girl, with whom he developed a very close relationship, and also of her parents, B, as he called himself Berchtold, gradually reached further in his goal until, in 1974, he kidnapped Jan for the first time.

We specify that for the first time because, indeed, there was a second, but in between, the aggressor and pedophile had sexual relations with both Jan’s father and mother, manipulated the girl with alien stories and even got married. with her in Mexico as a result of her deception.

What Berchtold was able to do with the Brobergs is so unthinkable that it’s impossible to stop frowning as the story progresses. While he abused the girl, whom he had convinced that being with him was part of an alien strategy to save the world, the little girl’s parents were more concerned with saving their own honor and that no one knew about their private lives than with protecting to his own daughter. B knew this and used it to carry out his detestable deeds in broad daylight, without even having to hide.


The story of both Jan, who estimates that Bertchtold may have abused her approximately 200 times, and her parents, is truly emotional and heartbreaking. It is very marked by a feeling of guilt, but the viewer cannot help but wonder how such a story could have come about.

The answer has to do with the time and the place where it occurred, a small town where everyone knew each other and where the importance of what they would say was above all else.

After the outcome of her worst nightmare, Jan and her mother, Mary Anne, have given numerous talks and participated in numerous events with the aim of raising awareness about sexual abuse and everything that surrounds it, as well as the behavior or forms of manipulation that can carry out such an aggressor. In addition, Mary Anne published a book recounting the case of Jan and her family in 2003: Stolen Innocence: The Jan Broberg Story.

After her story, Jan says that six women have contacted her to ensure that Berchtold sexually abused them when they were children.

After Jan’s second kidnapping, Berchtold was committed to a psychiatric hospital for six months and was only sentenced to one month in jail. In addition, he interrupted events involving Jan and Mary Anne and made statements to the press to discredit his story. He also came face to face with Jan in a trial where she ended up getting a restraining order. After being arrested for breaking the order in another confrontation, Berchtold was found guilty of possession of a firearm and armed robbery, but his own brother confirms in the documentary that he committed suicide before sentencing.

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