‘The Bridgertons’ changes actress to solve one of the problems of season 2

Ruby Stokes had the role in the first two seasons, but has had to leave the project due to scheduling conflicts.

Change of face in the palace. Season 3 of The Bridgertons will host an important change between its protagonists and that is that Francesca, the sixth Bridgerton sister, completely changes actress for the following episodes. The change is not due to a time jump or a need for a script, but due to scheduling problems that have made Ruby Stokes, the interpreter who had the role until now, unable to continue with her companions.

The person in charge of taking over is Hannah Dodd, whom you may have recently seen in Anatomy of a Scandal. This young actress born in 1995 has little professional experience, but her career is developing quite steadily. Dodd’s first role was in 2019 and since then she already has titles like Harlots, Eternals and the aforementioned Anatomy of a Scandal in her filmography. Now that she’s about to add one of Netflix’s biggest hits to her roster, we can almost talk about a TV star in the making.

‘The Bridgertons’: The unexpected departure of an actress who has changed season 2

The reason why Stokes has had to say goodbye to fiction is because he already had a previous agreement with the Lockwood Agency, another Netflix production. Series creator Chris Van Dusen’s team had planned a major storyline for Francesca in The Bridgertons season 2, but ran into Stokes’ labor conflicts. They had already recorded three chapters when they were forced to fire the actress and find a solution. «I love Francesca, but we lost her in the middle of the second season. After exhausting all other options, he had to leave for reasons beyond our control. Maybe season 3 will do the spell,» she told TVLine. And the spell has ended up being the change of actress.

Who is Francesca in ‘The Bridgertons’?

The Bridgertons is based on the successful literary saga by Julia Quinn, which consists of eight books, one for each sibling in the family. As seen so far, the series is following the order of the novels and basing each season on one of them. The first told the story of Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor), the second has focused on Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) and, if everything continues like this, the next will be about Benedict Bridgerton.

Family tree of ‘The Bridgertons’: Each character of the Netflix series in detail

Francesca’s turn will not come until the sixth season. Be careful, SPOILERS of the book are coming, if you don’t want to know anything about its plot, don’t continue reading! In The Heart of a Bridgerton we learn more about the young Bridgerton and her love affairs. Michael Stirling falls madly in love with her, but Francesca is married to John. When he dies unexpectedly, a new door to love will open.

The future of the series is assured. While the filming of the third installment will begin this summer, the creators are already thinking about season 4 of The Bridgertons, which has already been confirmed.

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