‘The Boys’ (Amazon Prime Video): Everything We Know About Season 3

There is already a date for the new installment of the Eric Kripke series based on the Garth Ennis comic of the same name. Another new bombshell for the streaming platform in a year in which ‘The Lord of the Rings’ premiered.

Often 2022 is looming for Amazon Prime Video. The ‘streming’ platform has on the horizon what is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated premieres of 2022, the series of The Lord of the rings, but also from the second season of The Wheel of Time, one of the most ambitious fictions of recent times that has already become a phenomenon on the platform. As if that were not enough, Amazon was about to announce a date that many have been looking forward to for a long time: that of the third season of The Boys.

Adaptation of the eponymous comic book series by Garth Ennis, The Boys He said goodbye to his second installment with the assurance that there would be a third and, since then, it was one of the most anticipated returns. In addition, the series has a very promising future on the streaming platform, since its creator Eric Kripke has already commented on more than one occasion that he planned up to five seasons.

To know the expected release date of the new installment we have had to face a long wait, but after confirming the start of filming approximately a year ago, the work could develop without unforeseen events to provide us with the best final version

Take note below of all the details of season 3 of The Boys:

When does ‘The Boys’ season 3 premiere?

When can we enjoy the third season of The Boys was the key question and now we have an answer.

Take note: Friday, June 3, 2022.

Amazon Prime Video

Another detail that had not yet come to light about the new installment of the series had to do with the decision that Amazon Prime Video would make regarding its broadcast: The whole season of the pull in the purest Netflix style as it already did with the first or with weekly episodes like you did with season 2?

We also have the answer: ANDOn the day of the premiere, the first three episodes will be broadcast exclusively on Prime Video, with the following chapters being available every Friday from that date, until the epic finale that will be on July 8.

Just as he did with The Wheel of Time.

New «supers» and unexpected returns ?: What changes in the cast of the third season?


At the moment a single signing has been announced, but it is an incorporation that undoubtedly has ballots to stand out over those to come. At least for lovers of Supernatural, the series for which Eric Kripke was mainly known until The Boys it became a bombshell. With the outcome of the CW fiction just around the corner after 15 seasons and several hundred episodes, Jensen Ackles says goodbye forever to Dean Winchester to return to command Kripke, this time in the Amazon series.

The good news was shared by the actor himself through his personal account on Instagram last August and, just a few hours later, a statement from Amazon Prime Video confirmed the news.

Who will he play? Ackles will be incarnating in the third season of The Boys to Soldier Boy, a Vought superhero who functioned as a captain america analog in the Garth Ennis comics and who, from his position as leader of Payback, longs to be a part of the Seven. Described as «the first superhero» and part of the history of the company since the Second World War – he was the first to become a ‘celebrity’ for his participation in it-, Amazon’s adaptation will introduce some changes to the character but, for now, what they tell us about him already makes us rub our hands.

Patriot before Patriot «, Kripke sentenced to Variety to sum up what we can expect from Soldier Boy. «He’s one of these guys who’s been a part of Vought history for decades. He’s from another era, but he’s got the ego and the ambition. It’s just perceived in a different way because it’s from a different era. «» He’s going to say a lot of tacos and do some very rude things, «added the creator shortly after in a Q&A on Twitter.» It’s kind of a mainstay of Vought, so thanks to him we will be able to see the Vought of other decades «.

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Little or nothing. At least for now. If before we said that the incorporation of Jensen Ackles has the condition of superficiality, the entrance on the scene of Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be a real bombshell. The actor, whom for several years we have seen as Negan in The walking dead, has also spent time under Eric Kripke in Supernatural, where he played the father of the protagonists John Winchester.

Have Morgan join the ranks of The Boys, a series that, beyond the excitement for the reunion, hits him a lot, remains to be seen. But we know that the ‘showrunner’ wants it with him. So much so, that he has recognized on several occasions that he has several options for him, and that, in fact, both have already spoken on the subject: «There is a role that we are already talking about,» Kripke explained to Collider last July. «We have to coordinate, because it is in The walking deadso he has another home. We’ve already talked about a role, and there could be another potential that we’re talking about as well. «

Morgan recently winked at Kripke again, reminding him that he awaits his role when asked by a fan about it on Twitter.


If the character played by Aya Cash will return in season 3 of The Boys It is not confirmed, but there is something that is: that the Nazi superheroine is still alive.

The series’ second season finale left Stormfront violently battered, but, When we don’t see someone die on screen, the door is always open to their survival. And more when it comes to a character with extraterrestrial powers. In addition, Eric Kripke himself has not wanted us to remain with the doubt either and, regardless of the plans he has – or does not have – for her, he assured that «she is not dead» in numerous interviews after the episode was broadcast.

Similarly, the actress holds the same opinion, although is confused about the chances of a comeback: «I think they have left the door open, but I also feel that there is not much left of it. It is not technically dead, but I think we have to wait for the third season to find out what happened to it or if it will continue to be present in less shape».

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Who you can hope to see back in the new episodes is the protagonist of one of the scenes from the second season that you could hardly have removed from your retina: Love Sausage (Sausage of Love), a former Super Russian who already introduced us to Garth Ennis in his famous comics. Portrayed in the Amazon series by Andrew Jackson, the character made his appearance in the sixth episode ‘The Bloody Doors Off’ (2×06) attacking Breast Milk (Laz Alonso) with his huge penis.

Fortunately or unfortunately This funny and unforgettable scene will be repeated at some point in the third season and Eric Kripke has it very clear. Of course, always in small doses. «It is difficult to bring him back as a regular character, because he is f ****** absurd,» he explained these days at the panel for the series at New York Comic-Con. «And it is not the last time that Breast Milk and Love Sausage are going to interact,» he added with the absolute approval of Alonso: «That’s good. I want him back!».

‘The Boys’ will have a ‘spin-off’ set in a university for teenage superheroes

A real madness … And what else to expect from season 3?

May its premiere be Made to wait, but it is also true that the team has had plenty of time to work deeply on the scripts for season three, so Eric Kripke is very clear:

Season 3 is gonna be fucking crazy

«Even already in the first episode. In the first 10 minutes of that episode there is a sequence that I am not going to reveal but that, every time I talk about it, I have to put my hands to my mouth. It’s crazy «, assured the ‘showrunner’ in his Q&A with fans on Twitter. And, after having put our long teeth, he extended a little more:» We are also going to delve deeper into the characters, to continue exploring and to advance them But seriously, crazy things are coming. «

Following the game changer at the end of the second season, the new episodes will undergo major changes. The vigilante group is no longer in hiding, but Patriot is still alive and well in Vought Tower, and the role Victoria Neuman (Amelia Heinle) will play in her own strategy is uncertain.


The new episodes of The Boys will pose a scenario that Kripke promises in an interview with Los Angeles Times, it will be absolutely recognizable to comic book fans. Now, the charismatic group of vigilantes is in a new, more advantageous position, and they will have changed the basement from which they operated in the second installment for one of the most iconic buildings in New York. The same one in which his plots were developed on paper.

«The Boys that we meet in season 3 are already the recognizable group from the comic. They are working for the CIA, they are gathering dirty laundry about superheroes. And their offices are in the Flatiron building,» advances the ‘showrunner’ . «I think the fans are going to love her because now they are the group they know.»

In addition, that closeness to the comics promises to be especially noticeable in the character of Butcher (Karl Urban), a character whose counterpart in the work of Garth Ennis was different, especially around everything that has to do with his past.


Regarding the rest of Carnicero’s colleagues, among the novelties that the new installment will bring with it will be a greater focus on Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara), a character who It will continue to grow after a first season that did not give it its deserved attention.

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If in the second installment Kimiko we witness how the young woman learned to write, met her brother and communicated with sign language, the third will teach us more about the character on a personal level: «We have imagined what his favorite movies are and he loves musicals. It’s his thing,» Kripke said.

On the other hand, things are not looking exactly right for Hughie (Jack Quaid), now away from The Boys and working for Neuman. «We have to be very concerned with the fact that Hughie works for her,» warns the ‘showrunner’. «Poor thing, I really thought he was fending for himself and expressing a certain independence and He has gone straight to the wolf’s mouth, something that he will have to deal with in season 3, of course. «


Regarding the Super and more specifically its leader, it seems that the entry on the scene of Soldier Boy, the character played by Jensen Ackles, will bring more than one problem to Patriota (Antony Starr), which will see his position threatened by someone with whom he has a lot in common but who is much older than him. «He’s going to be threatened. Soldier Boy is very close to his power level and he was basically a Patriot before Patriot and for a longer time,» Kripke explains about the dynamic between the two characters, «I think he is really threatened, not just because of his strength, but because Soldier Boy is a huge celebrity in America. «

Amazon Prime Video

In addition, although only the signing of Soldier Boy has been formalized, the truth is that he will not be alone in his appearance. Other superheroes belong to the group that leads, Payback – something similar to «The Seven» but second level – and it seems that we can expect the series to address this issue as well: «Payback was the Seven before the Seven. We are going to explore the history of that team and its members,» promises Kripke.

Another important detail about The Seven: Black Noir will remove the mask! Promised. Will his identity be the same as in the Garth Ennis comics?

The annual orgy of the ‘Supers’

The new episodes will introduce a plot well known to fans of comic books from Garth ennis and Darick Robertson, mainly if they have read the ‘spin-off’ of the saga known as Herogasm, published in six issues independently. What does it consist of? At an annual sexual event in which The Seven and other superheroes celebrate a weekend full of orgies and drugs.

Eric Kripke recently confirmed that the popular comic book plot will be part of the season 3 The Boys on his Twitter account, where he made it clear that he dares to do anything and shared an image of the episode’s script. East It will be titled ‘Herogasm’ (3×06) and will be the sixth episode of the expected new delivery.

We count the days for the return of the series but, meanwhile, the first and second season of The Boys are available in full on Amazon Prime Video.