‘The Blacklist’ loses a member of his team and pays tribute to him

Season 9 episode 19 saves a small tribute to Kurt Perez, a young man who contributed a lot to the series.

The Blacklist has recently lost a member of their team. Last March he passed away. Kurt Perez, one of those in charge of assembling the cameras and getting everything ready so that you can start shooting. Pérez was a professional much loved by his teammates and, although he died a few months ago, it has been now that the tribute has been issued.

It happened in The Blacklist season 9 episode 19. In the credits of the chapter a small message has appeared in his honor. Before it aired, Dena Oliverione of the makeup professionals on the set, had posted a video on social networks thanking all the colleagues after finishing the recordings and, of course, at the end there is a message that reads: «In memory of Kurt Perez ❤️ «.

According to local news, Perez was in a car accident in March 2022. Around midnight, he was driving his Ford Explorer when he lost control and hit a tree. When the authorities arrived they could do nothing for him. It is believed that the conditions of the road – it was wet at the time of the event – were the cause of the accident.

He is not the first partner who has to be fired in The Blacklist. In February 2021 they paid tribute to actor Clark Middleton, who played the eccentric Glen Carter in 13 episodes. Middleton passed away in October 2020 at age 63 after battling West Nile virus.. It was a huge loss, as the character was created exclusively for him after making a very good impression in an audition for a one-episode role. The creators met him and decided to introduce him into the plot. «We loved it,» said producer Jon Bokenkamp.

The Blacklist is an NBC thriller that has been on the air for almost ten years. Follow Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington (James Spader), a former Army intelligence officer turned vigilante criminal out to take down the world’s most dangerous terrorists. He has drawn up a detailed list, known as ‘the black list’, which contains important data about all those unscrupulous beings who threaten humanity.

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