Series to finish in an afternoon: The 14 shortest in the Netflix catalog

Do you lack time? These titles are ideal for viewing from start to finish. In an afternoon or weekend and without that supposes a greater commitment.

At a time when time is increasingly limited and the offer of series and movies is increasingly extensive due to the large number of productions that are released each year on the different streaming platforms, we know that it is increasingly difficult to introduce new series in our dynamics. How to follow that title that we love and that already has several seasons and, at the same time, be up to date with fashionable fictions or give one of that increasingly long list of series that have been left in the inkwell a chance? ?

In addition, sometimes, what you want is to watch a series bingeing. From beginning to end. In an afternoon or weekend and without that supposes a greater commitment than the one you purchased at that precise moment. A hello and goodbye to add to the list of series that you have enjoyed throughout your life a new title that is worthwhile.

To make the task easier, we’ve dug deep into the Netflix catalog to select the shortest series you can find on the streaming platform. Three, four, five and, at most, up to six episodes long, allowing you to enjoy an entire series in just one or two afternoons.

Some may have escaped us, but take note below of the 14 shorter series that you will find in the Netflix catalog.

this is how they see us

One of the best series of 2019 was undoubtedly this is how they see us, a miniseries developed by Ava DuVernay for the streaming platform Netflix. Based on real events, the fiction tells the heartbreaking story of the group known as «the Central Park Five, a group of black youth who in 1989 were arrested, charged and prosecuted for the brutal attack and rape of a young woman who was doing sport in Central Park. Despite having alibis and the lack of evidence against them, the interest in closing the case with them as guilty and the hatred fomented by the media, the boys were convicted. An erroneous conviction that ruined their until his innocence was proven decades later.

Number of episodes: 4

wild wild country

Another essential on Netflix and that you can also see in a jiffy is the documentary series Wild Wild Country that gave so much to talk about in 2018 and that would also lead to a sequel in the form of a feature film and focused on one of its protagonists, Sheela, without a doubt. his most controversial character. With episodes lasting one hour, it will hardly take you an afternoon to watch it and we can make sure that the story has the potential to catch you from the first minute. You may not have heard of Osho before, but this Indian guru and leader of a sect known as the rajneesh was able to set up a huge settlement in the Oregon desert in the 1980s

Number of episodes: 6

aka Grace

Based on the books by Margaret Atwood, the same author of The Handmaid’s Tale, and starring Sarah Gadon, Alias ​​Grace is the story of Grace Marks, a young Irish immigrant who worked as a domestic worker in Canada when, at just 16 years old, she was fully involved in the brutal murder of the inhabitants of the house. The year was 1843 and, after a trial not without controversy, Grace was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Upon her departure, the judgment and innocence of the young woman is still on everyone’s lips.

Number of episodes: 6


Addictive like few others, fast-paced, unexpected. Everything is flattering for this British ‘thriller’ starring the actor from Game of Thrones Y Eternals Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes. Developed in 2018 by the BBC and released internationally by Netflix, Bodyguard puts at its center David Budd, a former war veteran with post-traumatic stress syndrome who now works as a special protection agent for the London Metropolitan Police. His life is turned upside down even more when he is assigned to protect troubled Julia Montague, a terrorist target who makes him question his values.

Number of episodes: 6


This Netflix original title is actually multiple titles. But all of them equally short. Is named Criminal, but in it the efforts and talents of four European countries converge -Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Germany-, which have put their own technical and artistic team at the service of the series for the production of three episodes for each country. Your link? An interrogation room in which the investigators -the only ones who repeat in the three episodes of each country- face a defendant trying to answer the same question: Innocent or guilty?

Number of episodes: 3

behind his eyes

Released in 2021 on the streaming platform, behind his eyes He gave a lot to talk about in his day, so it’s never too late to join the questions that were left open in his first season. Fortunately, you will not need much time for it, since it only has one installment that consists of six episodes. The history? Adapted from the homonymous bestseller by Sarah Pinborough, it is the story of Louise, a single mother with an apparently normal life who ends up submerged in a sea of ​​lies and the most dangerous secrets after going out partying and meeting a man.

Number of episodes: 6

The Hartung case

Another series that has generated a lot of conversation in the year of its premiere and that has crept into some of the tops of 2021 is this outstanding Danish ‘thriller’ that once again makes it clear that the Nordics thrive in this genre like a fish in water . Under the original title The Chestnut Man, The Hartung Affair It is set in Copenhagen and its starting point is the brutal murder of a young woman. The detective in charge of the case soon discovers his connection to a disappearance of a young woman that occurred a year ago.

Number of episodes: 6

Forever and ever

A 5-episode miniseries that condenses all the ingredients to keep you glued to the screen. Forever and ever is the new Netflix series based on the novels by Harlan Coben -the same as The innocent or Safe, two ‘maratonable’ series like the most-. It tells the story of Guillaume Lucchesi, a young man who suffered the loss of two of the people he loved the most. Ten years later, Judith, her partner, disappears during her mother’s funeral. As Coben’s stories usually have, the story is full of secrets that are revealed little by little.

Number of episodes: 5


Unorthodox was one of the series that marked 2020. Its four episodes are based on the incredible (but true) true story of Deborah Feldman, a young woman who was raised in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family. Feldman married at 17 and was the focus of her entire community for not being able to get pregnant. That social pressure and lack of freedom led her to run away from home when she was barely 20 years old. In fiction, she is played by Shira Haas, who became the revolution actress of the year.

Number of episodes: 4


Collateral is a 4-episode suspense drama created by the BBC. This definition already sounds good, doesn’t it? Everything that comes from the United Kingdom and, specifically, from that chain, is usually synonymous with quality. Here we also have Carey Mulligan in the role of the protagonist Di Kip Glaspie, an inspector who investigates the murder of a pizza delivery man. The lethal shot uncovers a whole network of characters that are connected in one way or another. One of those stories where you can’t take anything for granted.

Number of episodes: 4

The forest

If you’re a fan of suspense, you’ll love discovering this French miniseries that was released in 2017 and yet went unnoticed by the crowded world of streaming. fiction is called The forest and focuses on the disappearance of a teenage girl in a quiet town. Nothing new here. The investigators will begin to pull the strings and discover that no one is what they say they are, as is often the case. In any case, an entertaining French production for lovers of the genre.

Number of episodes: 6


The adventures of Arsene Lupin or, in this case, Assane Diop, are always worth a look. Netflix decided to use this classic of French literature for one of its original series and it was successful. Omar Sy brings to life the detective thief with a lot of charisma and charm. This is how he managed to convert Lupine in an international success and its first two parts, of 5 episodes each, seem to be just the beginning of a long story. Get up to date now it’s easy!

Number of episodes: 5+5

someone has to die

Manolo Caro triumphed with the house of flowers. Faced with such a fresh proposal, Netflix opened the door wide for him to do someone has to die, a three-episode miniseries set in the Spanish Franco regime. Madrid burns It already taught us that this dark stage can result in very funny fiction and that not everything had to be historical dramas. Here Caro opts for the path of suspense by telling the story of Gabino, a young man who returns to Spain and revolutionizes the lives of several families.

Number of episodes: 3

The spy

Set in the 1960s, The Spy centers on the life of Eli Cohen, one of the most notorious spies of all time. This 6-episode miniseries recounts his mission in Syria, which lasted four years and led him to rub shoulders with the highest positions in the country. The creator, Gideon Raff, is very familiar with the war genre and here he manages to condense what happened in a masterful way, winning the favor of critics and the public. Sacha Baron Cohen stars, who returns to nail an interpretation so far from his usual comic facet.

Number of episodes: 6

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