Season 4 of ‘Bitter Land’ is about to end in Turkey, will it be the last?

Hilal Altınbilek and Murat Ünalmış’s Turkish series is already at 136 episodes and counting. Rumors about his end and about a surprise visit have begun to circulate.

Tierra amarga is a true international success and not only in its country of origin. The period story starring Hilal Altınbilek has conquered audiences around the world and is now in its fourth season. In total, 136 episodes -and counting- of one of the most complicated romances on the small screen. There is barely a month left for the last chapter of season 4 of Bitter Land to be released and there are already those who are wondering what will become of its future: Will Bitter Land end soon?

In the last weeks A rumor has arisen, motivated by the Turkish outlet f5haber2, that Bitter Land will end with the last episode of the fourth installment. The publication of this information has caused a real stir among the fans, but it must be remembered that it is speculation and that there is no official information about.

In fact, rumors about cancellations are very common and often accompany Turkish fiction for much of its run. That is why you have to be careful with this type of information and you would have to wait for the producer to make it official. If it is true that it will end with its fourth installment, we will know sooner rather than later. As long as they don’t say otherwise Bitter Earth will continue with its broadcasts as usual until June 16, 2022.

Will Murat Ünalmış return as Demir Yaman?

At the same time that the rumors about the end of the Turkish soap opera have emerged, there is another information -quite surprising- that has also begun to circulate. It is believed that Murat Ünalmış could be back to play Demir Yaman once again. Ünalmış participated in the novel for 102 chapters before bidding farewell to the audience. He had many fans, so this rumor has been received as rain in May. Again, there is nothing officially confirmed, but if the actor returns to the Turkish series, it will be a surprise.

And when will we see the end in Spain? As is often the case with Turkish series, in our country we are somewhat behind in the broadcasts and, currently, we are at the beginning of the third season. You can follow the story of Züleyha (Hilal Altinbilek) from Monday to Friday on Antena 3 at 5:45 p.m.

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