‘Scream’: Trailer, returning actors, winks and everything we know about the new installment of the saga

You have received a call and it is from a serial killer that returns you to the nostalgia of the 90s. In 2022 we will see what happened to Ghostface in the new installment of the Wes Craven franchise.

«It is repeating itself. We have three attacks. Do you have a gun?» «I’m Sidney Prescott, of course I have». 25 years later, the terrifying Ghostface has returned to action and has carried out a series of brutal assassins in quiet Woodsboro. The new assassin is targeting the original protagonists and Sidney Prescott and his companions will have to figure out what he wants from them. A series of secrets for the characters of scream and a whole box of nostalgia for the spectators who grew up fleeing the stabbing of the villain.

Paramount has released a trailer that lets us take a trip back in time and meet David Arquette as Dewey Riley, Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott and Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers, among the new additions. The heroes will team up with a new group of teenagers who are in Ghostface’s crosshairs. «There is something that seems different this time. I do not know what relation it will have with our past, but it has brought us here again and I will not stop until I see him dead»Sidney is heard saying in the trailer.

Thanks to the official synopsis, we know that the film will be closely related to the previous films: 25 years after a series of brutal murders shocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, a new killer has donned the Ghostface mask and started stalking a group of teenagers to resurrect the secrets of the city’s deadly past..

If you still don’t know anything about the new installment of the saga, here we summarize everything we know about the film, from the trailer and all the details it reveals, to the expected returns of mythical actors or the release date that we all look forward to. .

How does it connect with the original saga? A ribbon full of tributes

Scream 5 it is a continuation of the story we all know and brings Sidney back to the center of the story. As counted in the trailer, all of the attacks have been directed at people who were connected to the original killers. Considering that 25 years of the first film are celebrated, it is possible that the new Ghostface is a descendant of one of the criminals in the franchise.

Everything is connected with the first films and we must see the new film as a kind of tribute to the saga, since the trailer has revealed many winks. One of the most prominent is the house of Stu, which becomes the site of the Woodsboro massacre in the original tape. More than two decades later, Sidney returns to this house, probably in search of answers.

Another tribute that surely has not escaped you is the scene with which the trailer begins, which connects directly with the great sequence starring Drew Barrymore about which not much more needs to be said. This time it is Jenny Ortega who is stalked by the murderer, but the essence is the same.

The original ‘Scream’ actors returning

The new sequel to scream arrives with a cast that is pure nostalgia. In front of the returning actors is Neve campbell and his unforgettable Sidney Prescott, the main victim of the first installment. As you will remember, everything begins after the murder of his mother, which leads to the discovery of a series of culprits including Billy Loomis, Mickey, his stepbrother and his cousin. His role in this film is not a simple cameo, but he will have to face once again an enemy who wants to destroy the inhabitants of Woodsboro. What changes here is that, for the first time, she gets to investigate the case and is not the one in the spotlight. A priori.

Another familiar face that will appear around is David arquette, returning to be Sheriff Dewey. We hope that he continues to be that endearing character and that he can live peacefully, but the images in the trailer seem to go a different way. Maybe it’s the definitive end of the friendly hero. Next to him will be Courtney Cox as Gale weathers, the reporter who was fully involved in the investigation of the identity of the masked killer. So far it has been successful, but everything can change this time.

Lastly, Marley Shelton will be police officer Judy Hicks again, which was introduced in Scream 4. It may not be a fan favorite, but all help is little when it comes to beating Ghostface once again.

The new protagonists

In addition to reuniting with the original cast, the new scream -which in the United States is known as Scream 2022– introduce a whole new group of teens. The protagonist is Melissa Barrera, who knows Sidney’s story perfectly and could be connected to the film’s first victim – the one we see die in the trailer. The rest of the youth are played by Dylan Minnette (For thirteen reasons), Jasmin Savoy Brown (The Leftovers), Mikey Madison (Better things), Mason Gooding (Love, victor) and Sonia Ben Ammar in her first role.

Release date of ‘Scream’

If there is no impediment, scream (2022) will be released in theaters in Spain on January 14, 2022.

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