‘Sandman’ is not over yet: Netflix launches a special chapter full of guest stars by surprise

After two wonderful weeks at the top of Netflix, it’s time for the platform to get us out of limbo and confirm the second season of ‘Sandman’. While the moment arrives (Netflix, please, I beg you), we have received a little surprise gift to make our wait and dreams a little more bearable with a bonus chapter which adapts two short stories from the comics of Neil Gaman.

Of muses and cats

The first season of ‘Sandman’ has adapted very faithfully the first two volumes of the comics, but it also raised the question of what would happen to those loose stories that did not fit so organically within the main narrative thread. Allan Heinberg and Neil Gaiman you may have found the answer in this form of a special chapter divided into two parts: ‘The dream of a thousand cats’ and ‘Calliope’.

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The first is about a Siamese cat who dreams of a different world dominated by cats, and the second is about a writer with a major creative block trying to find inspiration for his novel. Both stories are taken from the arc ‘land of dreams’ from the original comics and are now available for streaming.

What makes this double chapter special is, apart from the fact that they fall by surprise), it also marks the first animated episode of ‘Sandman’ with animation from Untold Studio and Submarine Studio.

The Sandman Animated Episode

Tom Sturridge repeats as Morpheus in his animated version in ‘A Thousand Cats Dream’, which also features the voices of Sandra Oh, James McAvoy, David Tennant, Georgia Tennant, Michael Sheen and Neil Gaiman himself.

In ‘Calliope’ we can see Melissanthi Mahut as the Greek muse, Arthur Darvil as Richard Madoc. Kevin Harvey as Larry, Amita Suman as Nora, and Derek Jacobi as Erasmus Fry.